Welcome to The Dollhouse

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Anyone else ever see this?

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    i saw it a long time ago. it was semi-fucked up from what i remember.


    Yeah I saw it a while ago too. I remember it being pretty fucked up as well.


    Todd Solondz is great. If you liked this, also watch Happiness


    Her name was dawn… and the better scene, the end into bus… ^^

    beep beep

    This movie was really uncomfortable to watch; at least, for me it was. I had to stop about half-way through.


    If welcome to the dollhouse made you feel uncomfortable, avoid Happiness and Palindromes by Solondz. Both of those were pretty disturbing too.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    This movie sucked balls and Todd Solondz is a loser. That chick on the poster there is annoying as hell and for a while was convinced she was going to be a superstar sexpot. She’s ugly as a pig’s asshole and twice as hard on the ears. If she got hit by a truck I’d give the driver a thank you card with money in it.


    Quit beating around the bush. How did you really feel about the movie?



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