Snakes On A Plane

Did anyone see this?

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    The movie? Oh, hell yeah. For what it was (a random “what if something that would never happen happened” SciFi movie) it was a fun ride.

    At least, that’s what I hope you mean by “this” because if there’s something completely off in the picture I’m gonna feel like a douche.


    Do the first 20 minutes count? I knew it was going to be bad when I started watching it but couldn’t go on any further.


    Tray : You don’t see the phallic position of the “snake” and the way it is being “handled?”


    I can still remember me laughing through the whole film and my ex trying to watch it with a serious face.

    Thanks for the quick laugh.


    Worst. Movie. Evarrrrrr.

    Well, one of the.

    Sneaky Snake

    Samuel L Jackson reading his lines off the back of a dead snake?

    Oh wait, its a dick, lol.


    I was so proud of myself whenever I was watching the preview of this movie in theatres for the first time, and predicted the name of the movie before it came on, and was in disbelief for the fact that I was right.


    Why is Nick Fury holding a snake? And where is his eyepatch???


    This movie was shite, but not the worse film ever. Hands down Asylum of Terror has to be the absolute worse movie of all time. One of my tosser friends said I needed to watch this movie he rented. He said the movie was a little cheesy but the ending was worth it. He only said that to see if I would watch it all the way through as he only watched the first 10 min. So, everyone add it to your netflix right now.

    The second worse film “Gerry”. If any film, song, or video game should be blamed for making someone kill themselves, which is bollocks, this little nugget is the exception. I had to sit with a bad head cold during this at a arts house theatre. I couldn’t walk out as the onwer was a close personal friend and was in the back row by the exit.


    It was a bad movie was that fun to watch, but, for it to work at its fullest potentional, you have to watch it with a group of friends. And the involved of liquor doesn’t hurt either.

    I dissapointed though that there was not an attempt to make it spetacularly corny or cult worthy.

    I really expected it to be cornier, but where you wanted someone to get bit, they got bit.


    I’ve seen it six times. To my disappointment, it never does start making sense.


    i might watch it by accident…. someday.


    It was great *because* it was so stupid. They play it so straight while all the inherently ridiculous stuff keeps happening. Jackson goes so over-the-top so as to be a parody of himself. And to top it all off, shortly after surviving a life-or-death experience, they decide to go surfing.

    Never did figure out if they intentionally did it as an over-the-top parody or if it was just a genuinely bad movie, though.


    I saw it opening night, and it was delightfully awful. Seeing it in a theater full of people also laughing at it’s hokiness and saying the famous lines along with Samuel is what made it so fun. Everyone enjoyed the obvious cheesiness of it all, and we all laughed together.

    What did you expect? It’s called “Snakes on a Plane”!


    Dialogue: “How duh hell should I know? It’s uh god damn rubber snake with red paint drizzled on it. Ast duh stewardess if’n some dick head lost one.”

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