Most Powerful Nerf Gun Ever

nerf-vulcan-blaster-0508.jpg (54 KB)

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    Mother fucking epic.

    Alec Dalek

    Seems like way too much effort just to fling a comfortable piece of foam at someone.


    I am not a boy, I don’t get it. Meh.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Is the tripod really necessary?? How much recoil does a nerf dart have?


    I want one. I want to sit on the roof and shoot squirrles with it.


    my nephew has one and it’s surprisingly fun to play with. it has enough power to knock down some cans but i still wouldn’t trade it for my 308


    reboot – the tripod is necessary for the cool factor of ripping it off the tripod when the battle gets heated


    Bran – how does your nephew have something thats not out yet?


    The most powerful nerf-like weapon is a rocket-launcher whose projectile is about 5″ across and 12″ long. It’s the only foam weapon I am aware of that actually DOES have a recoil. I wish I could remember its name. You had to crank it 10 times using a short lever akin to old daisy air-rifles. The spring in it is made of something like 8-gauge steel.


    it’s out would you like a picture


    I played Humans vs. Zombies this past semester at college (5 week long 24/7 game of tag with nerfguns for the humans). It was a fucking blast. I’m prolly gonna get this when it comes out for the next HvZ game.


    Oh and its called “The Vulcan” by the way.

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