African American Robert Downy Jr

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From the movie Tropic Thunder

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    Looks great


    i’m so looking foreward to this movie. looks so fantabulously epic.

    Phil Elmore

    You have to hand it to Downey. It’s like he knew Iron Man was going to be a huge hit that would revitalize his flagging career, so he made sure to do a Soul Man action movie that will probably be incomprehensibly bad. Either the offensive nature of a white man playing a black man (you can’t get away with that anymore) or the fact that the movie sucks will hammer his poor agent back into submission until the Iron Man sequel comes out.


    The difference is that it is a white actor playing a white actor playing a black man.


    did tony stark build this in his basement with a box of scraps?


    ^^ a cave*. lol


    No, he didn’t build it… He played it… In a CAVE… WITH SCRAPS…!!!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Phil Elmore is tarded.

    Tropic Thunder will be huge.

    This is the best part ever.

    Iron Man was pedestrian kiddie fodder. Laughable shit. Oh but it made money? That’s cause you and 10,000,000 8 year olds went to see it instead of having sex. They’re 8…what’s your excuse?

    Racial sensitivity and PC left wing bullshit is hanging by a 30 something thread.

    So suck my big white cock.


    Speculating about Phil’s excuse, I believe his boyfriend is probably 8 years old and dragged him to this movie on the promise of a hot night later. So, Phil did get sex, just after the movie.

    And Phil, the Wayan’s can dress up like white chicks with no problems, but Downey can’t dress up like a black man? The double standards are the only racist thing I see here. He didn’t use burnt cork and red lipstick and start eating watermelon and fried chicken, did he? Phil, the only nagger here is you.

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