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idk if this is real
i heard everyone that signed up at harvy dents campaign website it removes a normal face pixel and replaces it with a Twoface pixel
is this the picture? idk

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    Isn’t his left hand supposed to be messed up as well?


    Maybe not enough people signed up yet.


    Fakey fake fake.


    This is a fake.

    The campaign that TrikYodz is talking about was way the hell back last november or earleir, and it was actually the Joker’s face that was revealed, not Two-Face’s.

    I’ve seen a still of Aaron Eckhart’s Two-face, and while this one captures some of the scarring, it’s seriously much, much more involved. he has absolutely no hair on the side of his head that got burned, and all of the skin has an ugly, sick blue tint. I’ll have to go look it up again and post a link here.


    Well, shit.

    I saw it over at To Be A Geek but they got a request from Warner Brothers to take the image down as it is not yet an officially released promotional image.


    This isnt the real two face, there were two leaked images of two face and both were different. and Warner bros. asked both of them to be taken down.


    In Nolan we trust!!

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