The Omega Man Movie Poster

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    Billy Manic

    He was original legend?


    yes…he was and the plot was better imho….especially since the new legend is about saving people….heston did his nra thing and killed them allllllll


    Actually Heston was the second. Vincent Price was the original in The Last Man on Earth 1964 (L’Ultimo uomo della Terra)


    Liked when he heard telephone rings and just screamed.


    MUCH better movie than Legend. Man, that was a let down.

    Phil Elmore

    The original book, by Richard Matheson, is about a scientist who becomes legendary among the new vampire-like sort-of-but-not zombie people who end up taking over the Earth. The point is that as he struggles to combat these “monsters,” it is HE who becomes the monster in the minds of this new population of the planet. Thus he becomes this tragic and ironic figure. It’s an excellent book, and the black and white Vincent Price movie is an excellent adaptation of it. Heston’s reincarnation of the role in Omega Man is also very good, and puts a new spin on the… Read more »


    Storminator – Agreed.

    I’d love to read the book, not sure why i havent.

    But the will smith film was a let down. I loved the omega man, and will smith is so epic!


    This was the best film rendition of the book (aside from the horrible makeup) but Heston was not the 1st to play the roll. Vincent Price had done a film version of the book years earlier called The Last Man on Earth (still better than Will Smith’s portrayal).


    The Omega Man is a horrible movie. It makes me thankful for DVDs in that I can turn on subtitles, and fast forward through it.


    I like this film cause it reminds me that even after a holocaust, there is still a chance that I can get it on with a hot black chick.


    @ Phil Elmore

    I most definitely agree with you. Richard Matheson’s book does a much better job of presenting the sheer loneliness of being the last true human alive. It’s an incredible book. None of the movie versions have even come close.