Round green car

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    Billy Manic

    Getting tipped over would be a bitch.


    looks like a green nerf ball.


    or a green apple


    Its meant to be a pea. Used by Birdseye to advertise frozen peas a couple of years ago. As I remember it, parts would fall off in the ad to simulate that freezing peas means they retain nutrients and vitamins or such crap.


    Well, that… and the licence plate says “PEA”.


    Nope, nope, nope. I’m pretty certain you’re all wrong. I’m pretty sure this is a drawing by Richard Scarry.


    Im a little pea
    I love the sky the trees
    Im a teeny tiny little ant
    Checking out this and that
    I am nothing
    So you have nothing to hide
    And Im a pacifist
    So I can fuck your shit up
    Oh yeah Im small

    Fuck you asshole
    You homophobic redneck dick
    Youre big and tough and macho
    You can kick my ass
    So fucking what


    It’s Pac-Man after eating some bad power pellets.


    Imagine a highway system filled with those, in different bright colors; from above, rush-hour traffic would look like a Lite-Brite or the ball pit at Sea World.


    I do not consider that cramped anemic piece of crap a real car. I wouldn’t be caught dead in one.


    it’s the LOL WUT car!

    thanks for the help with my password Tiki.


    All of you are wrong. Its quite clearly the Earth Day themed Popemobile Bubble-Car.


    It’s what Milk Chocolate M&M’s drive to work.


    nice, it gives mi an idea

    cynthia martinelli

    where do i find this little peapod? i love it!


    This reminds me of the Busy World of Richard Scarry.


    The closest one is the one that said M&Ms drive it.. It’s a circle round green frog car.. I would love to know who I can buy it from, it’s a real FROGGY (round cute) car.
    I would give it kisses, sqweeze it & drive it everywhere.. I’m a true James bond/Christian Grey type of guy, I own pricey exotics, date e hottest chicks, own a celebrity closet but this car is perfect as a poof around car 😉


    It’s a VW Bug, mated with a….turtle! 😉