Cally Henderson Tyrol

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    This was put under sexy? REALLY Tiki? REALLY?!


    I am glad her character was written out of the show. Nicki Clyne is a great actress, but the character of Cally was just annoying.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The perfect plot twist for this show would be if the final cylon was some minor character who has already been killed.



    I guess I was one of the few who screamed a fit when she was killed off. I also thought the actress was weak but the character important.

    And she’s a cutie.


    Frickin’ cylon lover, deserved to be spaced.


    Why don’t you take a seat over there…


    In an effort to be fair, I felt her character served an important role in the first two seasons, as a decent secondary character. She started bugging me in S03, and by 4, he death brought about a cheer. Maybe its because my own mother would never act as she did that I found her irritating in the worst way. Oh wait, Mother’s day passed already?


    who the hell is this Purina eating piece of dog meat?? SEXY???

    maybe after 2AM, and a LOT of tequila…..

    and a brown paper bag….

    with a photo of Jamie Presly taped to it….



    I’d do Cally before I even touched Number Six. That skinny ass is fugly.


    reboot: since the ep where he got offed, I keep thinking we’re going to see Billy again (but I still think it’s Apollo).

    agreed with pauld; Six doesn’t do it for me one bit


    I found they didn’t do quite as good of a job with her death as I thought they could.. They should’ve done more build-up to it. It was like suddenly she’s feeling depressed and on drugs and bang, she’s dead. Too fast for my taste, especially after all the character dev.


    I liked her character, though I felt that killing her off made for a great episode twist. However, this season is getting too much into the Baltar “one god” storyline and the Kara Thrace “I know how to find earth” plot. The series is losing steam. If BSG has a jump the shark moment, it will be the killing of Cally.

    Anyway, I think the final Cylon is Gaeta: we know nothing about his background, he’s always around people in power (Adama, Baltar, now Starbuck). Plus other reasons.

    My point is, I liked Cally…she’s wholesomely sexy.


    she looks a little “downsey”.