Iron man in flight

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    I liked this movie. Makes me go wheeee! Terrorists!


    quick! shoot him!!!


    I! Am! I-ron Man! Nothing-you-can-do-can-stop I-ron Man!


    I was so happy this movie ended up being so good.


    awsome movie!!!
    no doubt abt it!!

    but i still hope the dark knight kicks iron man’s arse!!



    @ hydrat3d

    Agreed. TDK will definitely be better, which is good, because Iron Man kicked a lot of ass.


    Anybody else a little giddy about Robert Downey Jr. also playing Tony Stark in the new Hulk movie. I’m just stoked we’re finally getting some crossover in the comic movies.


    @ camiam321

    yea, but its kinda scary ….like…i think most people had the same feeling about superman returns right??
    and it sucked monkey balls!!

    so lol its still a hope!!

    and does anyone else thing Marvel takes a lot of care about its characters as compared to DC??


    You know, I never noticed this before, but that suit has got to have the worst aerodynamics in the world. Evah. A brick is probably more aerodynamic than that…


    Phyreblade; The more powerful your rocket bootz, the less aerodynamic you’ll need to be to sustain flight.


    Given enough thrust, damn-near anything is capable of ballistic flight.


    Good points, I’m not arguing he shouldn’t be capable of sustained flight. In fact, with the kind of power he has on tap, being able to fly is, by itself, an almost trivial task.

    However the problem is that poor aerodynamic design makes for an incredible waste of power due to aerodynamic drag, especially at supersonic speeds.

    And more importantly, any level of fine in-flight control should theoretically become near impossible to achieve at high speeds with a design like this, even with secondary vectored stabilizing thrusters…


    I wonder if he can listen to mp3’s in his helmet because I’d assume that the noise coming from outside must be unbearable while traveling at supersonic speed. If he did, I bet he’d be listening to his own theme song. lol?


    Could he take off if he was on a treadmill?


    Of course he could; he doesn’t have wheels.


    only one superman movie has rivaled a batman movie. pick the worst batman, and the newest superman. think about that for a second while you compare them. No amount of gene hackman as lex luthor can beat even the stupidest of batman flicks. Superman Returns beats the worst batman only by Kevin Spacey’s graces

    tiki god

    from what I remember, he’s got all sorts of surfaces along the armor that can move around for aerodynamics. Couple that with the onboard computers (one of the only ways that the super hornet stays aloft) and I’d say he’s perfectly fine.


    Think of it more along the physics of a helicopter. By all accounts, a helicopter CAN NOT fly. It simply doesn’t work. The only thing it manages to accomplish is that it is somehow capable of beating the air into submission.

    On a side note, since one of you might actually know, the lights on his hands, and feet, are those additional reactors as well, or is there solely the chest reactor that powers them all?

    tiki god

    just the chest one is a reaction afaik. the rest are lol “stabilizers” that can kill 😉


    @Kaze Actually a chopper is a perfectly good flying machine. There is no physical reason why a chopper should not be able to fly. But notwithstanding that, comparing Ironman with a chopper is comparing apples and oranges. They fly using completely different principles. It would be more accurate to compare the Ironman suit to an F-117, which is the ultimate example of a brick that would be impossible to fly without the computer doing the fine management of all the control surfaces… So I guess Tiki has a point about the computer managed control surfaces… And I think Tiki is… Read more »