Iron Man Says – Register. It’s the Law

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    i want to know how come Tony Stark is still alive after basically killing captain america??? Where is the fucking justice.


    Iron man is a bitch

    Luke Magnifico

    Oh yeah?


    RoQ is a stinky liar suck-face.



    Anyone that wants to represent “liberty and justice” that they even use their name for it deserves to die. He’s a walking flag, the flag of a country just like any other country out there (except for those in deep shit). It’s just dirt with people on it for crying out loud. No countries need to be worshipped that extremely. I will always applaud whenever a patriotic freak dies. If that includes soldiers, so be it, of course they’re not all that patriotic as they’re materialistic since they sign up for the “promised money” for the most part. So fuck… Read more »


    Dreth, I’m curious. Are you from one of those countries that the USA has saved or from a country whos asses we have kicked?


    hey guys! can’t we all be friends?

    Doctor Thompson

    hey ever heard of Nomad. Its when Captain America decided to adopt another identity because he didn’t like the shape of the government. He eventually switched back because he decided that he fought for the IDEALS of America, not the fucked up government.


    Hey, Dreth, you know Captain America is only a comic book, right?


    Ah, the IDEALS of America.
    Not something you can simply put into words but shining standards that live on in our hearts and minds.

    I call bullshit.

    Maybe he’s neither, maybe he’s vietnamese.


    STFU. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about, and I’ll forgive your insults and pass them off as ignorance.

    Also, if you knew anything about Captain America, you would have seen that there are counter parts for almost ever country.

    Luke Magnifico

    Stop being silly. We’re not going to praise you for it.

    How many countries has America saved in the past 50 years?


    How many countries has America destroyed in the past 50 years?

    Weigh it up.

    Personally I like what Captain America stood for.Death of liberty was the statement being made by Civil War, having the glory boy getting killed by a weapons merchant is one of the most potent statements to happen in the Marvel universe [and I realize that its just a comic]


    Slick556: Saying that America kicks people’s asses to save the poor helpless people of the rest of the world is exactly the attitude that makes people dislike America.

    Dreth: That’s a horrendous thought. You fail at niceness.

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