Redneck Bumper

Car bumper.jpg (27 KB)

I live in the Armpit of Oklahoma, and i saw this in the parkinglot of a grocery store.

Awesome isn’t it?

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    that’s better than the cheap plastic and styrofoam that you would find inside a honda bumper. a while back my friend and i got in an accident in his 93 accord going 15 mph rear ended the car in front of us and the bumper fell off. shows you how well honda’s are made.


    I like it!
    I hope this spreads.


    Way more effective, now all he has to do is spray paint it grey.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    low impact collisions cause thousands in damage.

    Funny how despite people complaining about it car companies instead had the speed that constitutes a low impact collision raised so the shitty safety standards apply up to like 15-20 miles an hour now.

    Or not funny because thats how insurance companies makes money off people hand over fist.

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