G.I. Joe Movie Cast – Sgt Slaughter

bigsgtslaughter.jpg (76 KB)

Sgt. Slaughter played by Sgt. Slaughter.
what ever happened to this guy?

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    He reminds me of Chopper Read.


    he kinda looks like jay leno to me.


    I always wondered why he wore that belt so damn high. Funny how only the face part is what is loosely based on him.


    yeah, dookie booty. i think he looks like the bastard child of Jay Leno and Bill Cowher.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I remember watching him on the cartoon and he was the big badass. He even beat the shit out of Nemesis Enforcer (I had to look up that name).

    Now I see pictures and he just looks like a big fat old man with his pants pulled up too high. I’m pretty sure I could bitch slap him.


    As long as he can still do the voice right and pull off the badassery, I’m fine.

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