Strange Football Shirt (BIRD FUCKER)

DSC00473.JPG (460 KB)

A turkish Football-Fan in Cologne today

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    no noooo! meow, its lisence and regristration CHICKENFUCKER!!!


    Oh I can explain this. There are these two major football teams in Turkey, Galatasaray and Fenerbahce. This guy is a Galatasaray fan, red and yellow. Fenerbahce is blue and yellow. These two teams have been rivaling for a long long time. But who’s been fighting more is the fans of both teams, to the extent of hooliganism at every step.

    Galatasaray’s mascot is a lion, and Fenerbahce’s mascot is a canary (or some other bird, I’m not sure).

    I’m sure the name on the uniform is a bit clearer now.


    There is another, simpler explanation. As my man The Streets says, in British Hip-Hop slang, ho’s are “birds, not bitches.” Turkey is basically European, so if young, hip Turks are listening to English rap, and they see a particularly fine woman walking down the street, they would likely say, “Spot that bird, man? So fine!” and consider themselves quite awesome. Lends a new meaning to, “Oh, honey, I’m just going bird-watching.”