Cthulhu Roaster

Cthulhu Roaster copy.jpg (53 KB)

C’mon, Tiki. I can’t believe there was no image of this when you mentioned the “Roast My Weenie” people. This is sweet… a little pricey, but cool.

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    I’m pretty sure thats the Punisher Skull.


    the punisher no cthulhu… master must not be taken for punny human…

    tiki god

    So I guess the question is : what would make it more like Cthulhu ? Wings? Trembling peons around it? Perhaps some sleeping z’s on the base?


    Just stopping in to say I thought it was The Punisher.


    Wings would definitely help. Different eye socket shape. different cheekbone lines. Get rid of the nares (the nasal orifices…) Perhaps also make the skull more oblong and squid like…

    This, on the other hand, with the oversized eye sockets, unusually deformed cheekbones and nasal opening is clearly the very stylized Punishers skull motif. It is very unique.

    And most definitely not Cthulhu…


    Well don’t feel like a dumbass… Just don’t let it happen again. Y’hear? Go and and sin no moar… 😛

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