WH40k Chaos Marines (altered)

maybe2.JPG (962 KB)

So yea these are chaos marines all from various bits, and sculpted-not yet completed though-only noe has been painted

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    Tentacle raep is imminent.


    Creative use of bitz, smooth finish on the green stuff sculpt. Paint job is pretty good too. Overall, a nice conversion work.

    I especially like the homemade extra-long eviscerator.

    I’m converting some plague terminators right now, extensive use of green stuff and magnets for swappable arms. I’ll probably post them when I submit my pics for the ‘collections’ theme day coming up.


    Awesome conversion! The only mildly critical thing I have to say is that the tenticles lack texture. But that would take forever to do, and would only be necessary if you were casting the model. Great job man!

  • Here's a few awesome images!