Shuttle on launch pad

shuttle on launch pad.jpg (184 KB)

I’m the youngest poster!

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    Did you paint that?


    looks like 1960s concept art


    Is this what steampunk art wil look like in the post-apocalyptic days of the 23rd century?


    Looks like the Soviet space shuttle, the Buran. All white, mounted on an Energia booster/tank. Their version of the shuttle lacked main engines, and instead only had orbital maneuvering thrusters. Plus there’s the four strap-on, liquid fuel booster rockets (NASA’s shuttle is solid fuel).


    I think the painting is by Donald Fagen. Looks like it at least.


    It’s a piece of artwork from the old Department of Defense propaganda annual “Soviet Military Power”. This publication was published during the 80s and intended to help prove the need for the large military budgets at the time, by showing supposed imbalances between NATO and WARPAC Forces. Propaganda aside, they were chock full of very nice artwork, such as this piece.

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