Frozen Dinner

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    it’s a face.

    with a mouthful of poop.




    The rice and corn are backwards!
    What a rip off!


    Dood. . . . . you cant actually be eating that?

    Looks like the prop department for a japanese scat movie……


    i’d be sad too, if i had a mouth full of shit.


    The top picture is likely not really food. Food photographers are known to use all kinds of shit to make stuff look good.


    i have those plates, but as bowls.


    I have those plates AND bowls.


    @jose flip it upside down when you serve


    The BOTTOM picture is likely not really food. Food photographers are known to use all kinds of STUFF to make SHIT look good.

    Frank McColbert

    What the fuck. That is normal food and I’d eat it, it even looks like it will taste fine when warmed up and served. What do you expect of a frozen meal?


    The corn and rice are backwards for the same reason it doesnt look right. you have to flip it over onto the plate really fast and it will look perfect!


    corn and rice are not backwards, rotate the plate 180 degrees and they will line up


    Frank McColbert: “What do you expect of a frozen meal?”

    I Expect It To NOT Look Like A Pile Of Shit.


    Here’s an idea: Broil or grill a large beef roast, make gravy (no cornstarch, doesn’t reconstitute well). Make a bunch of rice and veggies. Make plates (I use paper plates). Put the whole plate in a gallon ziploc bag. Freeze. Cheap, easy, tasty, nutritious – and you know what the hell you’re eating. You should read the back of that box sometime.


    We saved them there black trays for our fine china set. They come in handy when you always have extra family stopping in.


    You can cut out the middleman here by taking it straight from the microwave and dumping it into the toilet. It’s gonna look like that coming out, anyway.


    Say ohmybob,

    Normally you would be correct, but there are governmental guidelines in place that REQUIRE the food being pictured is obtained by the food packaged.
    Using lard for ice cream is okay for magazine spreads, but not for the gallon you buy at the store.
    What they don’t tell you is they can cook hundreds of those frozen dinners, pick only the best stuff from them and use that for the photo.
    It’s still dishonest, but it is real food.


    What government would that be? Internet government? ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?!??!

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