Female Captain America


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    i’d hit that.


    I think if you did so much as touch her, her knees would snap. WTF is wrong with them?


    Straps on the shield are way too loose, makes it impossible to use effectively.

    As for her knees, everyone knows that superheroines are bred for looks and figure. Stability and structural integrity aren’t really high on the list. Like racehorses.


    they are too sharp for my tastes


    It’s Female Ultimate Captain America


    Have you guys heard anything about what they are doing with Steve Rodgers atm, I heard they are planning to bring him back in Secret Invasion, apparently he also returns in Avengers Invaders. Bringing WW2 Steve and Bucky back into the current universe where Bucky is Cap will be pretty sweet imho.


    mayyday- ultimate cap wasn’t a wing head. I believe this to be the American Dream


    I’d give her a shot in the head…



    Ultimate American Dream, maybe. The “normal” (Earth-982) American Dream doesn’t have a belt with pouches, the Spider-Man-like underarm design, or the shoulder patches. For that matter, neither does 616-Cap. Those are all from Ultimate Cap’s costume. The only thing she has of 616-Cap’s costume is the wing-tips. Which, ironically, American Dream *doesn’t* have.

    I stand by my conclusion of Female Ultimate Captain America. Also I’m a huge dork.


    OK Fanboys! Pop quiz: Who do YOU want to see play Captain America in the movie, slated for a 2009 release?


    Matt Damon.


    Overall good job, but the idea is unoriginal, the perspective is wrong on the shield, the straps on the boots don’t work, the angle between the ribs and the hip is akward, and those fingers couldn’t be placed like that on her hip, but aside from that, not bad.

    Also, Mayyday is a huge dork 😉


    Lol people bothered by the “realism” of a drawing of a *comic book* character.



    No who/matter what the drawing is *of*, it’s still a figure drawing, and as an art student I can tell you that the human form is stupidly difficult to draw well in pretty much any situation. Were I the artist, I’d appreciate any tips on improving my anatomy/perspective wherever I could get them.



    Um…not really sure where I implied that drawing the human figure is easy or anything, but all right.

    I’m more referring to comments like this:

    “The straps on her shield are too long to allow her to wield the shield effectively” Yes, because with people who can fly, I’m really bothered by whether or not it’s believable that he/she can use her shield correctly.

    “The straps on the boots don’t work.” Half the shit superheroes wear “doesn’t work.” So what?

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