Jorge wants to be Hardcore

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Jorge: Quiere ser hardcore y su mama no lo deja.
George: Wants to be hardcore and his mom wont let him.

My translation may be rough, its been a while since high school Spanish.

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    hmm babel fish is wrong i think cuz what i got for a translation doesnt make any sence…
    “it wants to be hardcore and its breast does not leave it.”


    Your translation is correct, iZombie.
    Also…I must see that video.


    dude,i thought you were mister espanol…


    iZombie’s translation is correct, babelfish’s literally correct, however the little douche looks even more pathetic on video so I go for “Jorge no puede dejar de ser marica”.

    The show is extremely pussified, she whines that her son is behaving not so good (oh my god, they’ve called her from school four times) yet she spoils him. So then he goes “if you let me be hardcore I’ll do good in school”. That’s the severity of talk-show crap in South America.

    And no, Laura En America doesn’t count, that shit features people living in cardboard boxes yet they sneak in some kind of crazy invisible camera to catch an ugly man trying to hit on a 12 year old that looks like 32.

    Btw, I’m not being racist, anyone that has seen the show would tell you the same thing.


    Reminds me of the A.F.I song “I wanna get a mohawk but my mom won’t let me”


    What’s with the fucking Madonna song?


    That’s why I dont like being chilean.

    dongraft Worse one!


    Sorry about the last one


    that is SO true, the ass-kicking, wtf yelling, and fucked up drama in that show is priceless.

    The basic situation is: mum is dating X, X is not working and mum works, and while X stays in the house he cheats on mum and the lady who is fucking is in love with and is the wife of a drug dealer, X tries to rape the daughter who turns out to be a slut who fucks everyone else but X and one of the guys who actually fell in love with her, sells drugs and is fucking mum.

    or somewhere near that, the ass-kicking in those shows is extremely funny.
    you only hear beeep in most of those shows

    oh and screw jorge, he just need someone to whoop his ass.


    It seems that in Republica de Chile, “Hardcore” means to be Emo so that lardass Jorge wants to be Emo, how he plans to do it?

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