Incredible Hulk – Waterfalls

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    I’ve got mixed feelings on this one. The preview was good, but I just feel that the graphics could be FAR better. I hope they get a little shaped up before release.


    There’s only one thing that could make this movie better: Jennifer Connelly.

    I mean, Liv Tyler’s great and all, but there’s just no topping the lovely miss Connelly in sheer hotness.


    I think Edward Norton could single handedly save this movie.


    Or curb stomp it. Here’s hoping for the whole saving thing.


    Wasn’t really caring too much about this, then saw IRON MAN this weekend — and saw the last moments of the film (after the credits) (won’t post a spoiler here) and see that Downey (as Stark) is going to be in THE INCREDIBLE HULK (at least a cameo). Now kind of psyched about it.


    Yeah… I like Liv too, but Jennifer Connelly really pwned it…


    she did, but you know who else really did? ang lee.

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