Human Oompa lompas

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Oh how charming

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    Second time I’ve seen the douchebag in the middle but I can’t remember where from.


    I saw these guys on

    I think I see theme for the next theme day!

    tiki god



    i fucking hate guidos…gah


    Oh man, what douches.


    These guys never cease to amaze me how utterly ridiculous a human with no sense or taste can be.


    these guys are hilarious. They will shit talk and shit talk but when talkin’ turns to fightin’, they stfu and run off with their hondas.


    im supprised that my english teacher was offended and shes not anything like a Guido nor does she know one
    she thought i was being racist to generic itilians
    and im like
    “…ummmm….. im itilian…you make no sence”


    there’s an specific place near my college where out of 20 guys, 19 are like that.

    It’s a shame I’m not a lawyer yet and I can kill them all and plead that it was “towards a greater good”… for the sake of the mothers who gave birth to THAT and the girls that suffer the torture that is one of those guys coming over with the typical “hey baby…. ” phrase.


    You ever notice how most guidos tend to cock their head to the side and pucker their lips like they are waiting for a jizz bomb to splorch across them? I think that is the standard issue guido pose.


    Guido is pejorative slang directed against working-class Italians. It’s only recently that it has come to be used to describe the common behavior and looks of the Jersey-douche.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Just more proof that Guineas aren’t actually white people.


    I see pictures of these orange guys everywhere. They have to be living under a rock somewhere, hiding out of sheer embarrassment. That kinda goes beyond the ol’, “yeah, we did some silly shit in High School. haha!!” to “yeah, I was mega-douche fucktard.”


    Aren’t these the Gotti boys?

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