High Definition Fall Out –

on HD-DVD this movie was what?  20 bucks?  15?  It’s $65 on Blueray. Hey sony?  Fuck you.


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    Fucking A.


    This is Firefly, the series. Serenity is the movie. Movies cost less than TV box sets.


    Suffice it to say Bluray is a fucking rip-off considering the manufacturing costs are either equal to or just a few pence higher than that of a dvd. So fuck you Sony indeed!


    My friend paid $52 for “Trading Places” with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd. Fucking RIP-OFF is right… oh, and yes he is an IDIOT!


    Fuck SONY! I have a netgear box (EVA8000) that plays HD and damn nearly everything else I want, right off my NAS. The next generation of content delivery isn’t going to be BluRay, it will be a nice fat pipe and huge capacity HDDs.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I was so disappointed by the title of this post. I thought the game Fall Out was being released with better graphics. I guess I can dream though.


    I dont think i have payed more than 30 dollars for a blu ray disc. Hell season two of weeds was only 24 dollars for me. Where in the hell are you guys buying bluray discs from?


    Isn’t that a box set?

    tiki god

    Yeah, it’s a box set of like 13 episodes. The normal dvd is going for $10 on a good day, $15 on a normal one. The HD version of this is about 30 bucks on amazon afaik.

    tiki god

    how you liking that thing? I have a spare computer that I got for 50 bucks doing that job. Do you find that you never ever have any problems with video formats?


    HD-DVD’s sold cheap because Toshiba was desperate.

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