The reason you were a pedophile until August 21st, 2007

Hayden_In_Bedroom.jpg (996 KB)

I checked.

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    No, a pedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children. Being attracted to a sexually mature 17 year-old is perfectly natural.


    I WIN
    im 17!!!


    WHO THE F*** CARES HOW OLD SHE IS?? i’d still bend that over my desk!


    this actually makes me like her less.. i hate all the crap in that room.. keep in mind tho, toss another pic of her in front of me and i’m back the regular way of thought.


    The correct term is ephebophile. Not that I give a shit. I barely even know who she is.


    Amen to lee7. That room is like a 1950’s nightmare. I’d keep the Harry Potter box set, but you can burn the rest of it. Her, not in that room, awesome.


    Here in Canada the legal age on consent is 16. It just went up from 14 last week because we have a conservative government. I think there is still a ten year gap law. So if you`re 26 it`s still not legal to verb a sixteen year old.


    I think here in Texas its 17 but there’s a 2 year gap law as well, which means you can be 19.

    Any-who, Hey Ms. Peniterre…can I buy yew uh fisch sanwich?!?


    among the hunky guys on the wall is will ferrel as Ron Burgundy from anchorman… pure awesome


    theres a coke bottle next to bedside….?


    Yeah, ephebophile. Excuse me, miss used and abused whore with nasty stretchmarks and riddled with diseases, for preferring girls who are the same size as 30 year olds, have the same breast development, even pubes, yet only the latter.

    I say the law should be based on look. You see how girls dress nowadays? It’s like their asking for it…

    I love her socks and heels…