Sleeping Bag Shaped Like Your Body

selk-bag.jpg (55 KB)

Stolen from

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    how are you supposed to have drunk ‘sleeping bag sex’ in that thing ….i guess masturbation is your only option


    The two shots on the right remind me of Ed Nortonin in costume in Death To Smoochy for some reason.

    bright green

    Want one.


    I wonder what the “model names” are. Chedar, Gumby and Snowflake.


    I want the shit out of that. Perfect for backpacking in the colorado mountains 😀 (I’ve done it three times. Not sure what that makes me)

    Also, Error (it’s cheddar)

    Also, this is the first time I’ve been able to log in for over a week. In the off-chance tiki reads this: Should I be worried?


    The problem is that these “bags” have a larger surface area than regular bags and thus they waste a lot more heat. One would have to carry a thicker and heavier “bag.” And heavier is not an option while backpacking.

    So, leave these to the stupid trendies who never need them and for whom they were intended.


    agreed x10 with unknown. looks like it would take up half of your pack space. Its still friggin cool though. I think the German military used to issue a bag similar to this but apparently it was crap.


    , I can’t log in with Firefox (used to work 100%), now it’ll say logged in, but it isn’t. IE6 works fine, but I don’t like it. It’s been about a week since FF quit working for me here. And yes, my speel check didn’t catch that missing d.

    tiki god

    it’s a cookies issue. about two weeks ago I had to completely mess them all up due to some upgrades around these here parts. clear out the FF cache and cookies, and you should be golden


    I totally saved this photo and was going to upload it today. But I see Kaniza has stolen my glory…

    Back to the tubes….


    dorky. looks like a columbia winter suit my son had when he was a f***kin year old.


    Thanks, guess I’ll have to use IE now….
    I hate it.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @Error and Max
    I’m using FF and it works just fine.


    Seems to be working for me now, but this workstation is getting replaced asap (new one got here this morning). The old one has been wonky for a while now, I thought it was just my system. As a side note, this WS will lock up if I open a page with an embedded wmv file, but I can watch youtube all day long (I know, YT is flash, but still).

    tiki god

    MCS doesn’t have any wmv files in it, lol


    I know, but others do, sometimes they’re land mines when I bring em up. Literally locks my cpu up. I can’t complain to IT, cause well, I’d be griping to myself. The odd thing is since posting comments on this post, FF is working again (this morning it wasn’t). F’n computers.


    How to look like Gumby, in one easy step…


    “im so cool!”