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Name’s Adam!

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    mmm a hairless korean in uniform…grrrooowwwl


    Specialist, that’s it? I heard the Army gives out Sgt stripes after AIT! Little rib-poking from an Air Force asshole here.


    Hello? This is 2008, I have RockBand with a giant HDTV to keep me company. It’s awful, I know. Seriously, some asshole postal dude stole my first 360, so I had to buy another one (JR wouldn’t reimburse me).

    Both times I deployed, I went with the Army, and both times were/are pretty sweet. Whenever I work with you guys, you stay out of my hair and let me do my shit (mainly, playing video games), which is awesome.


    Ah, that’s why we set everything up in a room with classified shit in it. Hadj can’t get in! And I’m night shift, so they’d have to get through me and an M60 I don’t know how to use. I’ll club them with it. The grey is a sign of regality and wisdom. Son, you should respect your elders. I can’t wait to shave this goddamn thing off. It makes me look 45. On the subject of Hadj, I really tried to be the good liberal and say “Don’t call them that, it’s racist” and “They’re just people trying to… Read more »




    Not to start a war of words, but wouldnt YOU (Mantis and Tony) guys react the same way if someone invaded your country, destroyed the social infrastructure, plunge the country into civil war, and was going around destroying neighborhoods and occasionally “accidentally” killing women and children. No that i am defending “hadj” or the acts that “hadj” types commit. Just pointing out that it is CAUSE and EFFECT. The Iraqi’s DID NOT ask for you to invade their country. Just some “cud” to chew on.


    JUST to clarify I am NOT ANTI MILITARY, as a matter of fact I served (PROUDLY, US Army, 11C, 90-94, NATnlGrd 11B, 94-98). Its just that I had been thinking about what we Americans would do if we were experiencing what the Iraqi’s are experiencing. BUT I AM NOT BASHING OUR MILITARY PEEPS!!!!
    so save the disparaging comments.


    Best explanation I have seen in a long time. We tend to look at other countries as if they think and act the same way we do. But no matter how many forces we send over, no matter how many buildings we raze to the ground, no matter how many “terrorists” we kill, we cannot solve a thing over there because we cannot put together a country whose citizens modus operandi is to tear itself apart from the inside out…

    Imho this war has all been a colossal waste of time, manpower, money, and lives…


    Whoa. That boy is gooorgeous.


    Great thread.