Doctor Who Girls Through The Ages

I wish to report the unauthorised use of my artwork on your site and request its removal

Infringing work:

My original piece:

by mimi-na

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    Proof that the feminist movement was a bad idea?

    Women have only gotten more and more neurotic!


    Aww, I wanted to see Martha and Donna in there.

    Alec Dalek

    Technically two of those are the exact same person (the Romanas). Tom Baker married the second Romana (Lala Ward), for a year. Now she’s married to Richard Dawkins, perhaps the only man on the planet more awesome than Tom Baker. But I digress…


    Doctor! Doctor!! Doctor.. Doctor? Quagmire! (Giggedy giggedy)


    Yeah, where are Martha and Donna?

    I think, though, that Rose WAS special. AFAIK she’s the only one that the Doctor came even close to saying, “I love you,” to.


    I like how Tegan’s scream even *looks* annoying.

    Also, wasn’t the second romana a redhead as well?

    tiki god

    damn double dumbass had me remove the image.

    don’t they realize that just hurts them more then it does me?

    or does it?


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