Cannibal Donor Card

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    What’s a doner?


    It’s a misspelled Donner and a poor play on words.


    It’s not misspelled. It’s a reference to doner kebab.

    Hence the kebab reference.

    I could see why you might think that, though.


    He’s right!

    Don’t expect me to know anything about meat products, after all.


    Being from Turkey where Doner was invented this made me rofl.

    For those who wonder, Doner is a kind of kebab, made with either beef or chicken, preferably with vegetables. Its first made into a very large cylinder. Then pierced through with a metal piece, which helps it spin around itself slowly in front of fire, vertically. The outer layer is slowly cooked and sliced with a special knife like strips of paper. It is then served on top of butter-fried, sauced bread pieces, with butter and sauce on top, yoghurt on the side.

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