Sandy Assault

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    The poor lil fellas on the ground seem to be in uniform, and since no pilot would bring his multi-million dollar toy that close to hostile folks with guns, one must conclude that this is a demonstration of Air Force vs. Army douchebaggery.


    Actually, those troops were just dropped off by the helos. Also, if you mean USAF and USA, then you are even more wrong, as those aren’t US helicopters, either in make or markings.


    Red ring around dark-colored circle; as much as I’d like that to be blue, making these helicopters from Paraguay, I’m going to guess that it’s black, meaning that these are Syrians.


    Fail, They are Egyptian.


    These are Mi-17 “Hip” helicopters, you can tell by rotor blades on the left side (if the picture is inverted, than these are Mi-8 Hips, but it doesn’t really matter all that much). I can’t tell if they are Syrian or Egyptian (both countries have both versions of the “Hip”, their fin flashes are almost the same and both militaries suck). What gives it away as Egyptian, Joe?


    That would be “… can tell by tail rotor blades on the left side…”


    Never mind Joe, I was so busy showing off my aircraft recognition I didn’t bother to read the caption that it was a Bright Star excerise.


    I Can tell by the description, Click through and prepare to feel Dumb.


    lol, beat me to it Joe.

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