Disney Afternoon Cartoons

This is what I grew up on.  Yay!

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    darkwing duck ftw


    Darkwing Duck:

    Lets Get Dangerous.


    Goddamn I hated TaleSpin.


    Its all about the Ducktales! WooHoo! Fuck the Gummi Bears


    TaleSpin was easily one of my favorites. I am surprisingly nostalgic, seeing that picture.


    My entire elementary existance was Chip and Dale.


    tailspin really did suck, though. Darkwing Duck was awesome and I liked the whole dark/moody theme the first few episodes had going on. fortunately Disney revived that particular feel when they did gargoyles, which was the best cartoon on DA, imo..


    i never cared for disney. i grew up on cartoon network and nick.


    It was mostly HeMan, Voltron, GI Joe, and Transformers for me growing up. Not that I didn’t watch the Disney shit a couple years later when it came on.


    darkwing duck is my biggest hero I allways liked him/it. was the only hero that acted like a duck hahahaha.


    I actually watched talespin and darkwing duck recently and they hold up well I was still genuinely entertained


    I’ll never forgive Duck Tales for giving Donald the boot.


    all those themesongs are now running through my head. Life is like a hurricane here in Darkwing Duck [lets get dangerous] Ohh we aye tailspin oh wee oh tailspin. Gummi Bears Bouncing here there and everywhere MAKE IT STOP


    I remember that being the SECOND animated porn I’d looked up, was Darkwing duck, oh and it does exist.

    First one being Beauty and the Beast’s Belle, back in 8th grade when we were watching it in spanish, because I couldn’t understand them, I just started staring.

    Oh, and the pursuit was on.

    Ahh DoomDark, wherever you are, you were the fragile turning point in my life that made me the wacky little doo-dad I is now.

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