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My thoughts…

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    The only “roads for motorized vehicles” are highways.

    If magnetic yellow cards wont do, maybe broken spar plug ceramic thrown at your windshield will get your attention?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Epic fail.
    The worst part is trying to imitate the original, but entirely missing the theme of a yellow card.
    The 1st paragraph admits that you’re a bad driver.
    The 2nd and 3rd paragraph are trying to tie in completely unrelated issues.


    this is soo full of fail its almost as more full than glock19’s mouth is full of jizz


    So only Pinko-Commie-Muslim Liberals can ride bikes? In that case, let me get my Schwinn!


    Take your excessive right-wing hate and gtfo.


    It’s ok glock, i laughed a little bit. Not a lot but just a little. Also, Fuck bicyclists, i am sick and goddamn tired of having to drive 25 mph at rush hour on a 50 mph two lane road with no shoulder because some asshole thought the bike paths and grass weren’t up to the standards of his fucking bmx bike.


    @ lotuseater

    Sir, you stretch the definition of ‘hyperbole’ with that statement. That situation has never, and will never, exist.


    Roads are made for EVERYBODY, but only cars use them mainly. Enjoy your box of fail.


    @ Glocks19
    You are made of fail.

    @ thelotuseater725
    You are also made of fail.

    No roads but freeways and SOME highways are meant for motorized vehicles only. It is the bicyclists right to be on those roads just as much as it is yours. So if I may make a suggestion. Take your foot, shove it up your ass and stop complaining.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I saw a guy on a bike ride into a car door. It was hilarious. I’m nto sure if it knocked the fag out of him though.


    Oh , and redneck bullies even have thoughts now?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Here’s a new term: Amero-centric faggot: A limp wristed, leftist douche who watches too much TV and thinks America is the only country on earth. Also see: retard. I live and grew up in a big city. A big city not in America but bigger than 99% of cities in America. So unless you’re in LA, NYC, or Chicago then you are the redneck sweetheart. :X People who rides bikes down the roads in a big city like the one I am in deserve what they get. Write fail all you want. It won’t change the reality that cars /… Read more »


    To all the “Bicyclists are traffic, too” people:

    If you’re a part of traffic, then learn to follow the fucking traffic laws.

    You do not get to illegally cross the street against a red light, nor run a stop sign, just because your vehicle does not have an internal combustion engine.

    Fuck you.

    Red means “Stop”, green means “Go”. If you can’t figure that out, get back on the sidewalk.


    @Tony That happens to me on a fairly regular basis. Remember just because it doesn’t happen to you does not mean that it never happens. @ Tardex I could give two shits over who’s right it is to use the road. It doesn’t take a fucking mathematician to figure out that biking on an already crowded road at rush hour is a bad idea. If you actually got out of the house once in a while you would find validity to my argument, but i am sure you are sitting at your computer right now chortling at your bout of… Read more »


    You know what, FUCK MOST CYCLISTS!!! Seriously, you expect to be treated the same as those in cars on the road but also expect to have all sorts of exceptions that said cars don’t get. Show me where that makes freakin sense?! If i’m on the road doing 30kph in a 60 zone whats gonna happen? Thats right, i’m likely to be pulled over and given a ticket for being some sort of traffic hazard, not so with cyclists. If i’m on a motorbike and decide to pass a bunch of stationary cars whilst they are traffic jammed, or go… Read more »


    Oh, and also. If cyclists expect to be able to use the roads which are paid for in a large part and maintained by motorists paying for their registration, stamp duties etc… then perhaps its about time they did the same thing.

    And don’t give me that crap about “Oh, but i already own a car so i’m already paying for road mainteance”. Thats CRAP, if i own one car and buy a second car, do i expect to get the second car without the registration or stamp duties payments?! HELL NO.


    Amen wally!

    A slow ass unprotected, meandering, unpredictable cyclist on busy peak hour street is just asking for trouble. When they get said trouble I have no sympathy for them.

    I do hope some one will try throwing something from a bike through my windshield one day. Then i will have every excuse in the world to swerve erratically and run them the hell down. I wont have windshield. They will be dead. Think about that.

    Picture is lame though.


    you know what is fucking hilarious? everyone jumped on the bandwagon of fail and criticism so early. seriously this is the most amount of sheep i have seen in one thread, or all the other people were to busy out running over cyclists with me. cyclists can get fucked. i have been in numerous rush hour situations where a cyclist nearly gets fucking raped because of their on stupidity (and the stupidity of some drivers). yes the pic is kinda lame and glock should go kill himself (jk jk) but at least he made the effort to try and make… Read more »


    Or you guys could get off your fat asses once in a while and bike instead of hide behind a 2 ton hunk of metal. Now Im not cyclists deserve the right to be able to just swerve through traffic at will, not signal themselves(thats why there are the hand signals), go through red lights, etc… Cyclists should be obeying all the rules of the road if they decide to be on the road. I dont know where the fuck some of you live, but last time I checked road maintenance was paid through taxes. Its also a bylaw prohibiting… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Not where I am. And most road designated funds come from GAS taxes. I take my not so fat ass to a gym because that what they’re for. Know how I get there? I fucking well drive. Because that’s what roads are for. It’s not hiding. It’s called ‘I can afford a car’. Bicycles are for children and homeless people carting around piles of tin cans. Unless it’s outside a city and you’re using it for recreation. As a means of transport I have yet to see any adult riding one that didn’t look like a fucking fag. What’s the… Read more »


    Yes, my pink roller blades are broken. That is the exact reason.


    This pic fails, but I’ll forever hate cyclists until they can learn to cycle in a straight line, signal before swerving across the road in front of me to make a turn, and look over their shoulder before they try and pass the slower cyclist in front of them. Goddamnit.