Funny Signs

door block.jpg (332 KB)

dumpster baby.jpg (27 KB)

going up.jpg (126 KB)

invisible cows.jpg (53 KB)

peanuts.jpg (34 KB)

Just some funny sign pics I’ve found while browsing idly about on the internet.

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    Was it Dark Roasted Blend you found these from? Just put the original link to the your post. It’s much nicer if you give credit to the party that helped you post these. It gives them the traffic they deserve.


    Don’t be a stupid cunt, unknown. Do you know how many people have massive image folders? Full of god damned images from who the hell knows where? I had a few thousand in mine last time I checked.

    Wow. Original. That took all of the massive creativity of going to pretty much any forum in 2004 and saving macros and links that get posted constantly, then posting them on your blog.

    Fuck off, Unknown.