Condom Crosswalk

1.) is that really…ugh

2.) in what circumstance would you find yourself with a full condom and near a crosswalk button?

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    When would you not be in such a circumstance?


    not as uncommon as you’d think…


    I’d wait for the light. I’m .5% germ freak, and when it comes to other peoples’ bodily fluids, that’s when I have to draw the line. At least, on public things, anyway. A hot girl taking a shit on my chest is a different story ;D


    I’m guessing that’s the point Gunface. I get pissed off at a crossing near me where nobody need ever press the button beacuse there are enough gaps in traffic, but they do it anyhow and it creates jams for no good reason.


    There’s a road by my house that’s always really really busy, because people from out of town use it almost exclusively. I have to cross it every single day. The light takes like ten minutes to turn if you hit the button, but there is usually a lull in the traffic if you wait a bit fewer than that or just run across and hope you don’t get hit. I hit the button anyway, just to mess with jerky drivers who are in such a hurry to get where they need to go that they won’t let a pedestrian cross… Read more »


    I am convinced the crosswalk buttons in my city aren’t connected to anything. I still press them repeatedly, though. This one I would stay well away from.