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    Lol. Wow.


    I hope this person is hit by a car with a Darwin fish on the back.


    Also, I love how they capitalize the H in “him” when referring to Manson.


    : They probably used the term “Him” referring to Satan, after all to all good christians Manson is Satan’s agent…


    I didn’t think they would call Satan Him, I thought you were only supposed to call God and Jesus that.


    Hmm, I wonder what they would write for a Behemoth sticker

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    what does “in christ” mean?

    It sounds hot.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    I can imagine the people from this school taking a field trip to the local Wal-Mart parking lot in hopes of finding such poor souls in need of conversion like the owner of said bumper sticker. I’m kind of curious how many of them have actually listened to Manson. I’m not sure how religiously offensive he really is, as I am neither particularly religious nor have I ever listened to his music, but I’ll wager a good bit that he being judged through second-hand sources.

    Hell, I might actually support the sods if they took the time to decide their musical preferences for themselves. Sit through one song, even if it offends you, and then you can portend his hellish fate all you want. But, no, they were probably told that his music is evil and must be avoided at all costs, and like good little sheep, they go out to stuff their wool in the ears of others.



    tiki god

    @Nemo Intermundorum

    lol, manson’s album name : antichrist superstar

    he does it for the lulz. and he gets results.


    “he puts down our lord…”

    if god is all powerful, i think he could take it. regardless, if you’re a xian, forgive him! fuckin silly christians.


    signed Westboro Baptist Ministry
    P.S. God Hates Fags! 🙂

    i think catholics are retarded
    then i get doubt
    then i see westborrow (or however its spelled)
    and all doubt is erased


    i saw this sign on a door at halloween saying “we are TRUE christians and refuse to take part in your celebration of satan” and under it was the hail mary
    needless to say, i took it off the door, wrote “free chips and pop, come in and help yourself” on the back and put it back up. 5 minutes later it was back in its proper place, only to be ripped down by a child father who knocked and the door and gave em a rundown.
    personally, i think that christians should not refer to “god” or “jesus” as OUR lord. id prefer MY lord, cuz i know hes not my lord. im bhuddist and i dont like when people try and convert me or look down upon me for my religious beleifs (im not saying that all christians do this, or that its resricted to them, but you get what im saying) i agree with Nemo Intermundorum and tikigod, he is a good artist and he does write controversial songs (anybody recall that one in the bible about beating romans or sumfin? i think i do :p) but is just doing it as a gimic. Slipknot and dimmu borgir, for example, use satan and the antichrist as an interesting subject matter to get sales and attention, and therefore, more sales. they dont actually stab goats and drink the blood, as many would have you beleive, its the FANS that take it that far.

    Look at me, blabbing on. feel free to TL;DR this. anyone else notice that religious posts ALWAYS get much more attention and longer posts? i cant beleive im contributing to that… :S


    *Facepalm* I would have loved to have caught them in the act of doing that. They get really freaked out if you catch them doing it.

    I used to work in a grocery store over the summer while I went to school for around 8 to 9 months out of the year. Basically all the religious nuts (the store was down the road from a Baptist church) had this idea that I must have been a single mother or drug user (therefore seasonally fired and rehired) or something since I disappeared for such vast amounts of time. I was always getting some talking about drug use or being pregnant and getting pamphlets. God forbid if I worked on Sunday to save money up for college, not only was I drug using Harlot, I was anti-christian as well. Getting spit on, swore at, threatened was a pretty common thing. I even got yelled at once because I happened to have a box of Berty Bott’s Ever flavor beans in my apron, and expressing how fun they were to another cashier.

    If you confront them about this stuff instead just accepting it, they get really pissed, especially when you use logical reasoning. I love doing it to people like this. I also like pretending to be Jewish, it pisses them off even more 😉

    Lord Cocksworth

    Wait a second . . . this note isn’t really a compliment . . . you crafty motherfuckers!

    Billy Manic

    I do not think you know the distinction between Catholics and Christians.


    i dont
    and im a christian
    or catholic
    i dont know
    whatever i am im not a good one



    “in Christ” is short for “in Christ’s love”.
    Basically, you’re loved by Christians because Christ loves us (Yes, I’m a Christian)

    I’m sorry you got harassed by religious nuts. Many people CLAIM to be Christians but are not, true Christians would never do that.

    When Christians refer to “God” or “Jesus” as “our Lord” they are refering to Him (God/Jesus) as their Lord.


    All Catholics are Christians; not all Christians are Catholic.

    I put notes like this on cars, only mine say “You should learn how to park, retard” and I only do it when someone’s double-parked.

    I am Nate

    In reference to the comment about logical reasoning.

    I’m a christian that can use logical reasoning when debating for my faith. (if that sounds crazy you’ve been talking to the wrong christians) Those people that you were talking about definately had no idea what they were talking about and probably couldn’t tell you what their church’s doctrine was, but not all of have to use blind faith as a reason for why we believe. I’m not trying to start a debate here I’m just trying to stick up for those of us christians that aren’t stupid.

    tiki god

    @I am Nate

    one of the basic properties of being religious is that you believe in something that isn’t logical, and can’t be logically defined. Hence the “Faith alone sustains me!” idea. I’ve yet to meet a single religious person who doesn’t end most arguments (friendly or otherwise) with “well He has a mysterious plan, it’s not for us to know” or some bullshit excuse like that. I mean, seriously, people believe that space lords came down and nuked our planet. Seriously. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands have that at the core of their belief system. Is it logical? Can it be logically argued?


    I am Nate

    I truly agree with you and you have every right to. I guess I find this particular behavior appalling because I was brought up Christian, and still retain Christian values as well still return my church every summer to teach bible school.

    I probably should have specified with “Christian of this belief system” or “pamphlet pushers” instead just labeling them simply christians.

    I thought I clearly alienated “Christians” of this school of thought, but I was clearly wrong (and appearantly not sober yet when I put down that comment)

    Without a question of doubt, the rudest people I have met have been people stopping by the store after church, not just Baptists, but Brethren, Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, and there was some crazy cult of people who went to church all weekend (these were the pamphlet pushers). Anyone who had the misfortune of working at a grocery store of some sort on Sunday between the hours of 11 am and 1 Pm will probably agree that this is day and these are the times in which you’ll meet the rudest people, dressed up in their Sunday best.

    I would wait on hundreds of church goers, and not have a problem (and have a lot of wonderful conversations), then I’ll get that handful that basically ruined my day and I forget about the dozens of other people who were extremely nice to me, because that’s just the way nice and hostile work. You’ll always remember the hostile ones.

    The moment I got seniority where I worked, I requested not to ever work Sundays, unless it was after 1, and the moment I found a better job, I quit.


    Come on kids! If we all clap together, God will get his magical powers back!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I know what it means. I was just making fun of stupid god fearing hillbillies.

    Religion is a crutch for people who can’t handle reality. They use it to govern themselves with a set of make believe rules because they don’t have the sense to not fuck up their own lives. Nobody ever gets saved by jesus from success. He’s there when you balls your life up so bad you need “spiritual guidance”.

    Then those same fucks want everyone else to know about their guidance.

    jesus isn’t real and if he were he sure as shit wouldn’t care about the mid west.

    praying to jesus makes as much sense as praying the the great spirit of the buffalo.

    the only useless purpose of religion is to weed out of the poser alcoholics from the real men. Oh and to get towelies to rally and gather in one spot so its easier to hit them all at once. “praise be…” BOOM


    Anyone else have experiences with ‘Christians’ like the ones Jazzy had?

    tiki god

    ::raises hand::


    I have. It’s the whole reason i left the church and became atheist for a while ( i am christian now, i guess a born again, born again ).


    Wanna share with the class?

    I ask because . . . Well, I have no experience with militant Christians. The cl0sest thing that comes to mind is Mormons, and I just laugh at them and poke them with a stick until they cry, and then they go away.


    We had a book burn in my area a few years back. People are nuts. I actually call my little town “Northern Deliverence”.


    I’m also wondering if how they react may also be gender related, if they’re more forceful with females than they are with males, or more forceful with males than they are with females. If I was a pysch major and had the resources I’d love to do an experiment related to that.


    I don’t think we’ve been open-minded enough about this, guys.
    Hey, maybe they’re right?


    I’ve had experience with militant Christians on the Internet (no faster way to start a flame war on YouTube), but my town is very liberal, so I don’t get too much of that in real life.


    The sad part is that Manson isn’t really all that great. There MUST be some anti-christian music that actually sounds great. We really need to put quality into our tools for offending these people. Maybe, after a while, they’ll SHUT THE HELL UP about their moronic beliefs which they hold onto mostly because they need something to set them above their betters.

    Then we can go after the iCultists, for the same reason and with the same goal in mind.


    The BEST experience I’ve had with religious nuts is hanging out with a bunch of friends. And one of my friend’s friends decides to go bug some Mormons who were walking down the street. Asking if they listened to Marilyn Manson, and if they’d like to smoke some reefer with him. One of the Mormons turns around and gives him the middle finger. My jaw dropped before I fell over with laughter…

    I am Nate

    @tiki god

    lol’s about the scientology comment!!! haha

    Now lemme clear that up. I can debate that christianity is more logical than other belief systems. There comes a point where you’re right about the fact that I just have to say “his ways are not our ways” and faith definately comes into play. However, there is logic to it, there is evidence to support what I believe. The Bible is written over 3 continents by over 40 authors from all walks of life (from fisherman to doctors) over thousands of years but there is still a definate theme and it doesn’t contradict itself once. You can use the Saunders bibliographical test to test the reliability of the bible (Saunders being a NON christian military historian) and the bible blows every other major historical account out of the water. This includes Ceaser’s “Gallic Wars” which is how we know about all there is to know about Ceaser’s conquests and btw, the reliability of that document is never questioned. There were 333 prophecies referring to christ throughout the old testiment and Jesus fulfilled every one of them. The probabability of his fulfilling only 42 of those is like covering the state of Texas with a 2 ft. thick layer of quarters then me painting a quarter red, throwing it in the middle of the state, blind folding you and telling you to find the red one. That is what I meant by logical.


    she thinks shes better than someone so she can just die!!!!!!!!!!


    wow who’s the “air lord” he sounds bad ass, way cooler then that jesus guy

    tiki god

    @I am Nate

    did you seriously try to use an argument that boils down to the bible being correct about prophecies that …are in the bible? no shit they’re right, lol. I dare say that your definition of logic is vastly different then mine. Mine says that an all powerful god that abhor evil wouldn’t permit evil things to happen to his most faithful followers. Mine says that a caring loving god would speak to his followers more then once every few centuries, and even then only speak through people who have dubious intentions.

    Also, your claim that the bible has no contradictions is laughable at best. There are entire books dedicated to the subject, here’s the first hit on a google search : my favorite is this one :

    Who is the father of Joseph?

    MAT 1:16 And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

    LUK 3:23 And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli.

    I think it’s hilarious that Matthew and Luke, who were closest to the man, didn’t even know the lineage of their lord and god. (mind you apparently the NIV conveniently omits the Heli name, this is from the KJV)

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