I can play other people’s music!!!

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    Howie Feltersnatch

    Heh heh. I get so sick of hearing shit about how “creative” DJs are, and how hard it is to beat match. Yeah, that’s a real fucking difficult skill there, making the thump-thump-thump of song A blend into the wap-wap-wap of the next one. Hey, you know who else has to beat match? Real musicians. While they’re doing about ten other things simultaneously.

    Calling DJs musicians is like calling a Border’s employee an author.


    sad but true…

    Alpha Harrison

    I don’t know if i’d agree. Listen to “Alive 2007” by Daft Punk and tell me DJ’s don’t have talent. I’ll admit that it’s fucking rare that they do, but Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo do


    Could you, LIKE FOR ONE LOUSY FUCKING DAY, stop making yourselves look like assholes by making broad generalizations? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DJ Howie Fuckersnatch is obviously talking about club DJs while Alpha Harrison is talking about DJs who perform with other musicians. Both types can suck just as bad. Both types need talent (albeit different kind) to be good at what they do. A club DJs talent is more social than musical. She needs to observe the audience and know what to play and when to play it. I and you would probably suck at it but there are people who can do… Read more »


    there is a difference…dj’s who create music is entirely diffrent than people who just play music….


    Try making a good techno or dance song. Then start talking trash about how crappy DJs are and how they have no talent. Go to newgrounds.com and listen to some of the techno songs. Some of those guys are amazing, my favorite is cornandbeans. He is crazy. As for playing the music, you have to know what sounds good and is popular and you need to know how to transition songs without fucking up, which is harder than you’d think. Kinda like watching Eric Clapton play the guitar. He makes it look incredibly easy, but it isn’t. You also need… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    So to review: You have to know how to slide a knob so it starts playing the next song without interrupting the last and you have to know how to read the reactions of a group of drunken people. Ya that’s practically brain surgery. I love this picture. I’ve run into too many career Dj’s and they’re all equally sad individuals. They usually also “own their own company” ie: their idea of promotions is having their overweight skank gf hand out flyers their cousin made in PS on the street corner. “I’m blowin up this Saturday, dog. You should come… Read more »

    Howie Feltersnatch

    “you have to know what sounds good and is popular and you need to know how to transition songs without fucking up, which is harder than you’d think” Bull-SHIT! You keep telling yourself that, but it is not that fucking hard to blend one song into another. It’s trivial. Like I said, if you’re actually MAKING music, as opposed to just playing or mixing other people’s music, you need those skills and dozens more. I have yet to meet a club DJ that didn’t need to have his vinyl collection shoved up his ass, then be hauled out of the… Read more »


    @omgwtfzergd. Ok so it takes a basic knowledge of time signatures and Bridging? Thats not talent. Now if these guys were actually playing the music ( like Daft punk for example becuase both members actually play an instrument) instead of copypastaing other peoples music in pro-tools and adding some generic BOOM CHIIT BOOM CHIIT 4/4 time signature. Then you can say that they are talented. They use about as much talent as some porn director with a copy of Apple Soundtrack.


    @ OmfgWtfZergd
    Wth do you mean by, and I quote, “Try making a good techno or dance song.” ?!?
    There is no such thing as a good techno or dance song, that shit isn’t music for ppl!
    Claiming to have heard a good trance song is like saying you found a pretty neat childporn-site.

    tiki god

    obviously spoken by someone that’s never heard armin van buren, moby, or prodigy.


    It’s not hard to beat match and it’s not hard to play in a club, because about 80% of people in that club have no fucking idea what you’re even doing. Shit if I can do it anyone can. BUT, there are some fucking class A dj’s out there.

    Anyway, long story short.
    Producer – Musician.
    DJ – Performer.

    Tiki – Armin Only show this year is going to be awesome!


    What about this. This seems fucking hard. . .and easy to fuck up.


    I rather have a Dj then have some one bring cds and have music play off a computer or boom box…

    casemods UID# 667

    I’m going to be a DJ.

    I will make this awesome mix at home.

    Then, bring a ridiculous amount of cords, headphones, turntables, switches, and other random devices to make it look like I have a ton going on.

    Then I’ll just hit play on my ipod.

    I will then use the laptop for the “paused” beat that will just be a short loop of the same thing while I’m talking.

    So easy.