you have bought an episode of nextwave

unless you stole it off the internet

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    These guys have their own comic right?…I have never seen it in shops [although in Australia we don’t get any “b-list” hero books]. The first thing I heard about these guys was their cameo in the Irredeemable Antman [which is one of the best comics of 2007 imho].


    They had a comic. I think it was a 12-parter or something like that. It was lots of fun, especially robot-man going around calling his collegues “flesh bags”.


    Nextwave was a Marvel comic, written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Stuart Immonen (who is now penciling Ultimate Spider-Man, among other projects.) The characters used are beyond B-list (I’d go as far as D or E list) which might be how Ellis got away with using them as he did in this comic. I encourage you to check it out. (It ended at issue 12 but only came out a couple years ago, and has been reissued in trades.)


    OMG THAT SOUNDS TITS…its hard enough getting Thunderbolts in Australia, I love Ellis [but I can see why they don’t stock comics like this at my local store,as Aussie tend not to like “anti-heroes”] I would really like to see Ellis do books about the individual members of the T-bolts [especially Penance, Turning Speedball a Spidey type hero into a cutter is just hilarious]