How does Mach 36 grab ya?

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Info available here:

and here:

The second has the image of the contrails over the US. 8,000 mph / 10 Kilometers a second, eh? I’ll take that.

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    It all sounds feasible to me. Both my father and grandfather were high up in Navy intelligence and they always told me that there is far more amazing stuff behind the curtains. As far as technological possiblity take into account that the yf-22 has been in development since the late 70’s.


    who knew they could make a tiny little propeller like that spin that fast!


    Ditto on what thelotuseater72 said; I’ve often made that very comment: if this is what we have now, and they’ve been working on it since the 70s, what’s being worked on right now?


    pro tip: google ‘chemtrail’

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Mach 36 = 27 700 mph
    8000 mph = 3.5 km/s
    I suspect that planting rumors of “amazing stuff behind the curtain” is propaganda to maintain the illusion of competence. Military projects are developed by commercial contractors which poach from academic research, so its unlikely that they have anything that truly mind-blowing.


    Well reboot that may be true, but then again that might just be what the government wants you to think. You also have to take into account that even private contractors have technological secrets.


    “Chemtrails”…. I don’t know where to file that, under wtf or funny as hell.


    I don’t know. How mind-blowing was stealth technology in 1981?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Stealth technology has been around a lot longer than 1981. The Germans were using radar absorbent materials in WWII.