Biker Yellow Card

Nice subtle threat to your life at the end there!

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    I need a magnet I can toss back that says: “This magnet was tossed on your bike by a motorist who felt that you might be riding in a way that endangers your life. Red means stop, even for cyclists… ride on the right side of the road, not the left… do not ride side-by-side with another cyclist… do not assume that all vehicles see you. Remember, you’re riding a 20 pound piece of aluminum and have nothing to protect you aside from a plastic helmet. I’m driving a 2 ton piece of steel at double your speed. Even if… Read more »


    I think you’re not reading it right. The last part’s not about a threat to the driver’s life, but the fact that cars kill cyclists all the time, which results in RED all over the pavement and bumpers and windshields.


    Cyclists in the US are idiots. One half the time they want to be pedestrians, one half the time they want to have the rights of a motor vehicle.


    “do not ride side-by-side with another cyclist”

    Not much you can do about this, they’re actually meant to do it so that you treat them more like a vehicle.


    I wonder how much protection righteous indignation would provide a cyclist when they’re battling the undercarriage of my car either because: a) I couldn’t see them; or b) they came out of nowhere & did something stupid. I mean, really: would their last thought be, “But I’m a vehicle too!”?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Cyclists in the US are idiots.”
    I have never seen a cyclist talk on the cell phone, put on make-up or shave while riding. So as far as intelligence is concerned: cyclists > drivers.


    being a person who rides a bike i kinda want this magnet
    but i just want one that says
    “dude i was such a good bike rider i managed to get this on your car unnticed. cool huh?”


    To add: I used to drive a bike all the time. Slapped the hood of some woman’s minivan once (she cut me off in a parking lot), but for the most part I stayed the hell away from vehicles. What’s the use of being in the right if your dead?


    I wish I could count how many times I’ve seen bicyclists ride the wrong way, blow through steady red lights, etc, etc. They act like the only traffic laws that have to be followed are the ones that say “yield to bicyclists” not the ones that say that bicyclists have to follow them as well.


    I’ve wondered what these were. I keep finding them on the undercarriage of my truck when changing the oil. Now I know!


    I’m with phantasm. I’d like to throw a freaking magnet or something heavier at cyclists who think because they’re not in a car they can “drive” however they like, on sidewalks, through red lights, the other way on one-way streets…I once saw a cyclist run through a red light at a very fast speed and knock a woman down to the ground in NY. A couple of guys pulled him off his bike. I didn’t stay to find out what happened. I also don’t condone pulling people off bikes or violence in general, but at the same time, I didn’t… Read more »


    Bicycle riders, along with truck drivers, made me nervous as hell when I was learning to drive. I am allowed to run over animals, but not those damn bicyclists.


    I have never seen a cyclist stop at a stop sign.


    I stop at those stop signs
    accept when on sidewalks
    me being 17 and having a bike because my life doenst make a car a nessicity so i bike to where i can. When i ride my bike on the sidewalk im a pedestrian and when im on the road I follow street laws
    so i stay on sidewalks as much as i can
    is that wrong?


    i got yo back reboot


    , mostly: I have a friend who saw a motorcyclist whacking off while riding about 75 mph on I-90 outside of Cleveland. It’s not as bad as using a cell phone, though.


    WOW, no one here follows soccer, err, football or whatever?

    Yellow card = first penalty
    Red card = second penalty

    And it’s not a threat.

    PS: I’m a cyclist and bike commuter — to/from work, errands, etc. I’d be happy to explain why and how a real cyclist rides their bike, if anyone wants clarification.


    motorists should start issuing redcards to cyclists whom wear spandex…your not a fucking super hero, if your gonna dress like one start fighting crime.

    car doors= kryptonite to cyclists


    ‘spandex’ is about comfort.


    velour is about comfort!


    ‘spandex’ should not be worn by fat people.


    on a long enough bike ride, anything but tight, properly fitted shorts with sweat absorption will lead to rash and/or numbness.


    That’s why you should ride in a car.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    That’s hilarious, because the only time I’ve had an accident on my bike was when a driver ran a stop sign and clipped my back tire.
    , thank god I can’t even picture that.


    First poster had it spot on. If i got one of these attached to my car the odds of me swerving to avoid the next bullshit illegal and just plain dangerous move a cyclist moves would fall drastically low. “He cut across, I didn’t see it coming, then bam, it all happened so fast officer”.

    Cyclists will have to start taking notice of road rules besides those that mean we have to avoid them before I start caring how many get hit.


    i’m totally cool with 99% of cyclists (and about 10% of car drivers). the ones i can’t stand think they’re lance armstrong, not realizing commuter traffic is not the tour de france. bikes and cars share the road.

    and i don’t care that bikes don’t stop at the red octagons. stop signs should be replaced with slow and yield signs to save gas.



    Yes, that is illegal. Bikes should not ride on the sidewalk (at least where I live). A bicycle is considered a vehicle under the CA vehicle code. No vehicle is supposed to be driven or ridden on a public walkway. You pose a hazard to pedestrians.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    CA Vehicle Code, Operation of Bicycles
    You can’t park your bike on a sidewalk, but it says nothing about riding on them.
    i got yo back trikyodz

    Alec Dalek

    reboot, you’re saying being able to perform more tasks equals stupid? You can get a lot more done in a car than you can on a bicycle.


    “on a long enough bike ride, anything but tight, properly fitted shorts with sweat absorption will lead to rash and/or numbness.”

    Lies… I’ve ridden 100+ miles in athletic shorts and boxers. There is NO excuse for spandex, stop trying.

    Reeboot: “Bicyclists are required to obey traffic rules, signs and signals;” although I failed to find anything requiring cars to not drive on the sidewalk, I’m pretty sure that that is an accepted rule of the road.

    Honestly, What I hate most are motorcyclists who think lanes and speed limits don’t apply to them because they’re small.


    then you’re the exception. Also, I doubt you when you say you’ve done centuries. And, lane splitting for motorcycles is legal in many places. Me thinks you’re just talking to talking.

    i like your gas saving idea.


    The problem I have with them often occurs on some of the main roads by my house, where they ride on the side of the road that does not have a bike lane or sidewalk. They don’t bother to ride on the dirt, no they have to be taking up a third of the lane so that I can’t possibly pass them without cutting part way into the lane next to me. I always lay on the horn as I go by to watch them jump. And riding side by side so that you are no longer fitting into the… Read more »


    @Bakudai i live in missouri and no one i have talked to cares if i ride my bike. No one has asked me to not ride my bike. if anything they asked whered i get it and how much work it is to ride it. and they say that theyll try it. @anidiot ok go ahead ill ride my bike on a sidewalk and you drive your car on a sidewalk. whoever gets pulled over first looses. @alec Reboot never said anything about more tasks = stupid. he just said the drivers of cars seem to be less conciensous and… Read more »


    once again reboot i got yo back


    In Penna. bikes are vehicles; you get DUIs; same way with Horse & buggies. IF you go the the California link posted Bicyclists in California are governed by the motor vehicle code. Below you will find sections of that law that apply directly to bicycles. Certain points should be clear: Bicycles have the same right to use the road as cars do. Bicyclists are required to obey traffic rules, signs and signals; and like motorists, should not operate a bike while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Riders under age 18 must wear helmets. Same in Penna; but our… Read more »


    I hate other cyclists who don’t obey the law. I’ve come to a stop at a stop sign (on my bike) only to have another biker blow through and angrily demand to know what I thought I was doing.


    When it comes down to it, a person in charge of a bike is only slightly dangerous to others, regardless how how reckless they are. Someone in charge of a car is deadly, even at low speeds. Modern cars are so well designed you have little idea of how fast you are going or the danger you pose to others. What seems like a lot of space to a car driver does not seem like a lot of space to a bike rider. I think it should be illegal for a car to come within 10 meters of a bike,… Read more »


    I’m sorry evil_hamster, but what you are suggesting is ridiculous. A 10meter clear zone around a bike? Either you have not thought this one through, or you really don’t care about any other road traffic so long as you get to enjoy your ride. There are many roads where there is simply not enough roadway to safely pass a bike with that kind of clearance. And that makes you just as selfish as the inconsiderate four wheelers who do not give two wheelers enough room. I’d also add that two wheelers are equally capable of brain dead actions. I’ve seen… Read more »

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