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It might kill you to drink a whole bottle.

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    Jesus tap dancing Christ on a stick. Did they find a way to basically flavor Vitamin C? Cuz that Green Apple just seems like drinknig half the bottle would kill you.


    When I workout I take NO Shotgun as a pre-workout drink. It has redline in it. Redline is awesome for working out and cutting body fat. the caffeine lets you hit the weight hard and lets you burn fat. And no dont drink the whole bottle. I’m a 6’3 280 lb college football player and drinking the whole bottle gives me the shakes and makes me sweat profusely.


    I’m gonna go down to the gas station and buy this if they have it and see how much i can drink before I think i’ve lost my head… I’ll be commenting back whenever I get back, if ever.


    I’m a 6′ 220 lb video game player. I can drink these all day.


    Dude is most of that stuff even safe for human consumption? Looks like some rather heavy biochemistry went into making that concoction, wouldn’t be surprised if it gives you cancer or impotence cancer in the future.


    It doesn’t have as much caffeine as rockstar. I used to drink two of those every morning before school, that equals about 320 mgs of caffeine.


    @ Seth_Dracovitch : Note that they don’t say how much vitamin C there is. Only that it is 200% of daily value. The cross means that they won’t (and don’t have to) tell the amount because it is a “proprietary blend.” The two asterisks mean that nobody knows how much of it is safe for you to consume.

    If this is legal in your country, then the food industry lobbyists clearly have beaten democracy. I guess that was the point in the comment that was attached to the picture.


    I had two of these and a 20oz mountain dew and it didn’t do anything for me. 5’6″ 175.


    Still less than most smoothies? Caffine same as redbull?


    You can have 1000% Vitamin C, it won’t do anything, it will just pass through you as your bosy can’t store it, your Body will use what it needs and dispose of the rest.


    @Vipershot: But if you take mega amounts, it’s not pleasant as it’s passing through.