Dr. Who – Tom Baker

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Probably the best Dr. Who! Anyone besides me remember him and the aluminum foil theme?

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    The best Dr Who, without a doubt.


    One of the best that’s for sure… It’s easier for me to list the doctors I don’t like than the ones I do.

    Tom Baker was a great ham, but his voice is amazing and the stories were some of the best writing around… this was when Douglas Adams was writing Dr Who after all.

    I love Jon Pertwee and his operatic style. I enjoy Peter Davison even though his Doctor was a wuss. Colin Baker was insane, but in a good way.

    Sylvester McCoy is actually my favourite. The stories for him were mostly crap, but I really enjoyed the Doctor he played, sarcastic and proud… and Ace rocked as a companion. One of the first since Leila to be able to look after herself.

    The new Doctors rock too.

    I just wish the BBC would release them season by season. That and the Goodies… which inspires me…


    I enjoy the new Doctor who series. I have rented a couple of Tom Baker series. They where pretty good. I just remember the show faintly when i was a kid. I picked it up when they came back out again a few years.

    My uncle has every single Dr who show you can find. He told me, that they had a flood where they keep a lot of the Dr who recording , and a good portion of them got destroyed. So unless they someone recorded them on VCR a portion of the Dr who series has been lost forever .


    Actually, it’s worse than a flood chronicinside. The BBC had some fucked up policy so they actually destroyed most of the First and Second Doctor’s episodes.


    Tom Baker was my first Doctor and has been me favorite. The BBC in their infinite wisdom had a practice of wiping tapes which lead to the destruction of many episodes spanning the first three doctors. Most importantly was the first regeneration from William Hartnell to Patrick Troughton. Only a crappy 8MM clip survived. As I understand it the audio for the missing 108 or so episodes still exist, and in my opinion should be handed over to the BBCi group who did “Scream of the Shalka” for an animated reconstruction.


    I loved texting UK landlines when I first found out Tom Bakers voice was being used to read them out. I would type in comments such as “Hello! I’m Dr. Who” and “Touch my bum”.


    Tom Baker will always be “my” Doctor. He was the pefect mix of buffoon, genius, clown, ham… just everything The Doctor should be.
    What i liked about Peter Davidson’s Doctor was the way they made the direct connection between his Doctor and Tom’s. The Change from John Pertwee to Baker was done in a way as to explain why he was excentric, and from Tom to Peter was done in a way to explain why he was so weak, and dependent on his companions. Which to me, made it more interesting as a viewer.
    Not to mention, I always had a massive crush on Romona #2.
    Favorite companion?
    Once I get my lust out of the way it’s K-9 of course!

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