mass effect game art

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    such a good game


    I really like it, but I feel that the endless amount of conversations you get into kind of start weighing down the game. The depth is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but the sheer amount of time you spend talking in that game is just absurd. Just my opinion, anyway.


    Amazing game, especially when you get near the end. Exploring each planet does get a bit repetitive though.


    Collegeboy, Bioware is doing away with the planet cloning in ME2. You can read more at MTV’s game site.


    Excellent, it did get irritating doing the same thing over and over. Can’t wait for the second one. I’ve only played through it once though, i need to go back and see the other endings.


    there are other endings? hmm i only finished it on the good side… i was going to try to finish it on evil but lost interest since other games came out since then… and the convos reminded me a lto of KotOR and the planet thing did get kind old… but made it easy to explore, so u kinda knew what to expect…