Made In China

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    its funny because it’s true.


    Even The Sign That Says “Welcome To America” Is Made In China.


    Even Candidate Hilliary And Obama Is Made In China.


    Wtf Timmay, This was posted like… Yesterday


    So I can’t say anything against China because of my inevitable purchase of a Chinese product? While the irony is funny, don’t take it at its face value. The inaction and apathy that this insinuates will only result in worse human rights abuses and quality/health standards for products.


    Nah, it’s just pointing out that most protests along these lines only demand sacrifice of others; there’s no real sacrifice for this archetypical protestor, unless you count his time wasted, which probably is not a big deal for these guys.

    But hey, he can demand that the athletes sacrifice their efforts all he wants, right? Because that’s always caused tyrants to change their minds, unlike less effective methods, like, oh, bombing the crap out of them.


    still. . .free tibet, right?


    @ Tony: dis ar not srs thread!

    This is good quality lol.

    Snarky Parker

    Hey look! It’s Magnus! Ha ha ha!

    But seriously…China is coming up in the world as a force to be reckoned with. Let’s hope that they don’t get to froggy…in terms of global manifest.


    That’s the problem; As long as they’re Psuedo-Communist (aka Fascist), they’re gonna be a problem, either directly or via inspiration for others around the globe.


    Ha! My shirt says “Made in Korea” Mother Fucker!



    Who in their right minds would want Tibet even if it was for free?

    Look what a pain in the ass it has been for the Chinese.

    A free Madeira or a free Canary Island, on the other hand, now that would rock!