.50 Cal

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Fucking you up from a mile away.

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    pew pew


    The longest recorded sniper kil was recorded by a Canadian Sniper in operation something-or-another in Iraqistan. Shot six times, killed three men from just about 3 kilos [over a mile and a half] and he was using a Barrett M82A1A.

    [yeah, there’s a second ‘A’. Means this Barret M82 had a heavier barrel and a different locking bolt system than the M82A1.]


    i saw a future weapons about that, its cool. It doesn’t even lack power after it reaches a mile.

    The Lawnmower

    Where are you from, demolitionsgeek?

    I’m curious because here a ‘kilo’ is invariably short for a kilogram, never a kilometer.

    In fact, saying ‘kilo’ when you mean kilometre just sounds retarded.


    Shuddup Lawnmower, by complaing about petty things like that it shames you and debases this fine site … I am less intelligent for reading your pointless post.

    @demogeek, that is awesome, i got to get me one of those!


    Point of interest- What kind of sniper fires a gun like that standing up and only bracing it with his shoulder and hand?


    one who is posing for a shot or firing at a target thats not very far away


    The recoil from the M82 is comparable to that of a 12-guage shotgun, due to the large recoil-absorbing springs located within the weapon’s receiver. Therefore, firing from a standing position is completely feasable.


    A. Chaingunner is right
    B. Darthmalt, the recoil doesn’t change depending on how far away your shooting…
    C. Lawnmower, i have to agree with BowToMe, even picking that up is retarded… why even bother mentioning it?

    Malta Soron

    Because using “kilo” to refer to kilometer is just fucking retarded. And wrong.


    I know you yanks are new to the whole metric thing but using “kilo” to refer to kilometer is retarded.

    Unless you have one of those rifles pointed at me.


    why does anyone care?



    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    k is short for kilometer. But also for Thousand.

    That being said nobody actually uses kilograms aside from a few backwards Europeans and they usually say stone or some such shit.

    I doubt anyone outside of maybe a really old person, a retard, or someone who speaks Engrish would make the mistake since assuming its kilogram makes no sense.

    Also I assume he’s standing in that pic because if he were kneeling he’d be shooting into the wall.


    I know that, but you might not need the stability of being prone if your target is close. An M16 is easily fired while standing up but for a hard shot you might choose to go prone to increase your accuracy.


    Yeah, thats why he has it resting on a wall, you geniuses.


    @magnus BUTTfoorso All Europe uses kilograms, except the english, who use their own system and care little about the rest. so saying that only “a few backward europeans” use kilograms is getting the whooole point wrong. Just because the States don’t use the metric system it doesn’t mean nobody uses it. In fact, it’s really used, even in the states: no matter where you are, if you are a scientist you will always measure a cell in micrometres, and proteins in nanometres; there’s no other measure (apart from Armstrongs, that are actually also based on the metric system) to measure… Read more »


    To be politically correct as this is a military picture, in the US Army we use the term Click or Klick.

    2 Klicks North, 3 klicks east etc.


    And by Click or Klick you probably mean kilometer, right?!?
    There, case closed, moving on to the next debate!



    When I said “kilo” in reference to a “kilometer” YOU ALL KNEW I WAS REFERENCING A KILOMETER.

    [is win.]


    And if all you internet tough guy europeans keep bitching about it, I’m going to start pronouncing it “Keeeelo-meeeeeee-ter” in conversation.


    Go ahead, pronounce it however the hell u want.
    I’m not planning on having any conversations with you in the near (or distant) future anyway.
    Or forever for that matter.


    “Keeeelo-meeeeeee-ter” FTW!

    The Lawnmower

    Look, you hypersensitive fuck-wits, in places that actually use the metric system (and it may blow your mind to know that it isn’t limited to Europe) ‘kilo’ always refers to a kilogram, never (ever) s kilometre.

    It’s equivalent to using ‘a grand’ to mean a thousand when not talking about money.

    “How many copies did you print?”
    “A grand.”

    “How far did you walk?”
    “Three kilos.”


    From the context of your conversation it is clear as to what you are referring to by “a grand” and “3 kilos.”

    Stop being a bitch.




    The Lawnmower

    Of course it is, but you’d sound like a twat.


    Just start using feet and shut the fuck up.

    Fucking Frenchies.