baby Salmon Pink Birdeater tarantula

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So, reboot asked for pictures of my tarantula, and I said she was just very small…. so I thought, why not take close ups? Here is the wee one – he/she has eaten only 6 or 7 little crickets so far – I included a picture of him/her with a dime to illustrate size and also one to show what he/she may look like as an adult. They say it can reach a 6 inch span in 1 year, and grow to be up to 7 -10 inches! (7males – 10females) (Admin – you should have a category – not all of them are cute as hell!)


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    cool stuff. Do you think they ever recognize you as the hand that feeds, or still as a threat?

    I’d hate to have a pet that constantly tries to bite me..

    Brevity Truta

    Will you be able to tell its sex after a while, and is that why it doesn’t have a name yet?

    Cool pet. Will it graduate to eating mice or something?

    Now Tiki will *have* to get that octopus.


    There should be a “Scary As Hell Animals” tag.



    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Sweet pics, thanks!


    Wait… you can legally own birdeaters? Wow, I did not know that… I want one, those things get friggin big as far as spiders go. I’ve never seen a baby, cute little fucker… until he gets bigger and scares the neighbors shitless.


    The cuteness, it will devour you!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That’s a spider.


    How old is s/he?
    I vote we name it Pendleton.
    In fact, i demand it.



    $12 you say? I believe I have an investment to make at some point… cuz that’s awesome…


    Tarantulas are cheaper when you buy them as spiderlings because the mortality rate is higher. Not to mention that you can’t sex them until they’re older. I have a Pink Toe Tarantula that I paid $50 for because he was almost full grown. It wasn’t until his first shedding under my care was I able to sex him. I thought he was female at first, but now I’m pretty sure he’s a he. Tarantulas are awesome. I’d have more than one if I had more space – But I already have a cat, a betta and a Bearded Dragon, and… Read more »

    Malta Soron

    Will you train him to hunt mice?