Oh the Japanese

believeinmeat.jpg (23 KB)

Look up to find pedobear murdering Ronald McDonald.

And horrible English translations! The multitude of the happy is being yours.

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    That’s not a bad English translation: That’s what it means.


    That seems like a decent translation based on my craptastic knowledge of Japanese. As for why they’d want to say that, I have no idea.


    I’m guessing it’s anti-vegetarian in a funny way or something.



    Its for japanese girls. The governement doesn’t want them to be lesbians so japanese guys can get hot sex.

    Meat popsicles for the win.


    If I could have a Pedobear Murdering Ronald McDonald T-shirt, I would be sooo happy.


    niku shika shinjinai

    肉 niku = meat
    しか shika = only (but in a bad sense… “dake” is your real “only”
    信じない sinjinai = don’t believe

    When we use “shika” we have to put the verb in negative… watashi wa nihongo shika hanasemasen (I only can speak in japanese) but it means that I’m the worst for it.


    Yeah but ‘彼しかいない’ is a common enough expression and it doesn’t mean you’re the worse for it. In fact I’ve never thought that that was the implication but hey i’m not japanese I could be wrong.


    ok… shika it’s “no more that” watashi wa nihongo shika hanasemasen, I can speak only in japanese (because I don’t know other languages, but I’m the worst because I should to know more…) watashi wa nihongo dake hanasemasu, I can speak only in japanese. “Kare shika inai” we are talking about “kare” and ever, other person is the better (I’m ever the worst, in japanese, but you, he or she are the best!) then we can’t say that “kare” is the worst, but we want to say that it’s a pity that only is he. “kare dake iru” there’s only… Read more »