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    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I can’t wait for the North American Union.

    Then I can’t wait to invade India after. Once the bombings are done.


    Lulz. U think itll happen?


    Euros are cool because they have different designs for different countries and sometimes you’ll get one from Latvia or something weird.


    If you can’t buy things in America with them, they’re not worth having.

    To me, anyway.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    If by think you mean hope then yes.

    And I wanna run it. I’ll wear a fucking crown and everything. I’ll empty prisons in exchange for mandatory military service. I’ll legalize every drug and let natural selection do its thing. Abortions will be mandatory for unattractive and/or overweight people and every other street corner will feature statues of topless women playing volleyball.

    Tell me you wouldn’t vote for that?


    Okay. I wouldn’t vote for that.

    I’d VP that.

    High five.


    @Cairo: Latvia does not have Euro currency yet. At least, you should have check in Wikipedia…


    I have to admit that I do like the Euro. And the country specific stampings too. I have 2€ from Lichtenstein that I find quite funny. I mean really… Lichtenstein? Its 1 mountain and an access road.

    It would be good when England drops the Pound, and Denmark drops the Crown. I believe that these are the only 2 national currencies left in the original EU zone.

    And the other thing… in 2001 1€ cost 90 cents US. Now 1€ cost 1.52 US cents. Not bad!


    I was going to mention that, but it doesn’t matter. They should be on the Euro within the next 2 years.

    I believe that the only EU expansion country to be allowed to adopt the Euro was Slovenia. Which is cool because Slovenians are fun and have a culture that is similar to Austrians.

    Czech Republic and Slovakia should be next because their economies are stable and doing quite well.

    Poland will hold out to the bitter end so that they can try and get some kind of payoff to adopt the currency. But that is Poland. They try and squeeze money from the EU for everything. I was sure the Romanians would be the worse EU team players, but Poland has proven to be the worse.


    @stev-o: Yeah, I was thinking of Ireland. Whatever, from Portugal it all seems crazy and far away.

    Why Romania?



    Don’t troll, it’s not nice. So, really, why the hate for Poland? Is every Pole a opportunistic thug looking to benefit from the good graces of benign countries like Germany, France, and the UK? Sure, the Kaczynski administration isn’t great, but they have a strong economy and currency. There is no real incentive for them to move to the Euro any time soon.

    Here’s some recent data on the strength of the zloty vs the euro… www.exchange-rates.org/history/PLN/EUR/G



    Wait, I understand now. You are a college backpacker that has made his way across Europe, and now you think you have the right to judge countries based on your myopic experiences. It takes a special kind of idiot to make some of the inane remarks that you have wrote, and an overpriveledged recent college grad/dropout fits the bill.


    Ehhhh, no.

    I have been doing business in Europe (including Poland) for the past 8+ years.

    I rag on Poland because of the retards they send to the EU commission, their EU voting tendencies (thuggish at best), and the fact that I cannot get decent quality work out of Polish contractors. The last one I really don’t understand because I do not think all Poles are idiots. Just poor tradesmen.

    If you have had a different experience – great. I have not.

    Alpha Harrison

    It’s very very unlikely that the U.k will drop Sterling. It’s not only one of the stronger currencies right now (and has been for some time) but it’s much more of a culture thing. Plus the massive cost we’re going to have to put into reprinting all of our money when the Queen dies, and Prince Charles isn’t exactly a spring chicken, although it’s likely that he’ll pass the torch to William or Harry



    Well, you don’t clarify your position when you start hurling insults around, so I had to start making assumptions. And you think other contractors are any better? We have had German contractors on base that perform substandard work on a regular basis. And your lucky if you get a barely competent American military contractor. I assume you are using the Poles as cheap labor for construction or some other thing (once again, I have to assume because you don’t give any info). Given that they know your motive, can you really blame them for passive-aggresively giving you some shitty performance? Also, don’t you think that contracts go to those who have ties to the government/corporate officials who hand out contracts and not necessarily the most skilled at their craft?

    I take offense because my wife is Polish (born and raised in Gdansk). Many Poles are fiercely proud of the work it took to rebuild the country from the devestation of WWII and the subsequent Soviet influence (until the late 80s). All this, without a Marshall Plan.


    The Euro rules cuz i save lots and lots of money when i buy some expensive stuff overseas in am”broke”merica


    Only thing that annoy’s me about the Euro is that it still looks like some fucking monopoly money. On the German coins all you see is that stupid Brandenburg Gate. They should have sticked to the portraits they had on the D-Mark. Those people were on our money for a reason *sigh*
    And I think the countries should be allowed to design the reverse side of the notes themselves. For architecture is sooo lame (i think).

    Luke Magnifico

    If they’re so proud of having built up their own country, how come they’ve all come to mine? Because of all the wonderful low-paying menial insecure rights-violating employment it offers?


    Anyone else from the Uk noticed how very much like Euros the new twenty pound note looks?


    Bleh, Poland and those other eastern-blockers will get better. Compare Portugal and Spain to what they were 30 years ago. Portugal still isn’t the richest country but it’s in the top thirty and gradually crawling it’s way up there (it’s “developed” according to IMF and the CIA).

    Thirty years ago paved roads and modern plumbing were rare in most parts of those two countries. These things take time. By the time I’m an old man, Poland will be a serious world competitor.

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