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    purple banana

    I. LOVE. MINE.

    Philip Glass symphonies are the best 😉


    I’m a big fan of Passages, by Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar. However, I listen to it with my EARS.

    purple banana

    Koyaanisqatsi is my favorite album by Glass… You can sense his introspective nature, especially on his piano pieces; despite being a movie soundtrack, his score for The Truman Show was absolutely fantastic. I love this man and his eccentric nature, as well as what he’s done for the Tibetian movement.


    purple banana, check out Shadow of a Doubt by Yoko Kano. From the Vision of Escaflowne soundtrack.
    The bottom download link works. If you like Philip Glass, this might appeal to you. For your vibratin’ thing.


    I’d rather stuff that thing up my ring than listen to PhilipGlass.


    A question for my GF, do they make one for the Zune?


    Looks like it uses the headphone jack, should be compatible.


    They are compatible with any music player. I’m getting one for my gf for her birthday.


    But, purple, the Movie was basically a bunch of images to accompany the music. I’m pretty sure he worked closely with the director on that one.

    Check out the movie if you haven’t seen it yet.


    All these comments about getting one for the ‘gf’… sounds like there’s a lot of unsatisfied girlfriends out there. It’s a pretty sad reflection on the ‘boyfriend’. LOL


    Hey, I’m going to be working in an industry where I very may well be away from home for a few months at a time. I’d rather her use plastic than some one else’s man meat until I return.


    Ok, I gotta laugh at this one. My wife sells stuff like this with Passion Parties here in Anchorage. Just not quite this one though.


    Or maybe we just want our girlfriends to not feel like they have to stray when we can’t be around.