Guess Who’s Building Nuclear Power plants?


oh shit, nevermind

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    Nuclear power is safe, clean, and cheap.


    That is funny! On many levels that is funny!

    The Lawnmower

    Nuclear power *is* safe and clean…

    Except when it’s not.


    Hasn’t the Shah been dead for 28 years now?


    “America: where yesterday’s friends are tomorrow’s EVIL!”


    Nuclear power is not safe, except when it is.

    The big nuclear accidents happened due to crappy oversight and poor training combined with a rather improbable string of coincidences.

    Fast neutron reactors produce much less nuclear waste than the old slow-neutron style ones we have in the US, and can even process waste left over from slow-neutron reactors. The remaining waste has half-lives measured in hundreds rather than tens of thousands of years.

    That said, it’s certainly not the ultimate solution… but until we can figure out fusion reactors, it’s better than coal and more dependable than wind or hydro.


    I’m all for nuclear power, AS LONG AS EVERY OUNCE OF SPENT FUEL IS TRACKED, MONITORED, AND GUARDED FROM NOW UNTIL FOREVER. Safety during the harvesting of the energy has greatly improved, but the waste can still be easily wrapped around explosive charges to create “dirty bombs”, and when detonated in public places, say a downtown area of a city, can still leave a radioactive fallout. Oh, and deuce; there never will be a single ultimate solution to our energy usage. Nuclear, Hydro, even Solar will be used in the end to counter the lack of oil availability. Don’t count… Read more »


    Oh Mr. Burns, you cad.

    The Lawnmower

    Just to clarify, that’s pretty much what I meant, deuce.

    It *can* be safe.

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