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obligatory nerd response: It’s spelled ‘heresy.’ The guy on the left in the black armor is Horus. The guy at his feet, with the wings, is Sanguinus. The guy in the gold armor to the right is the Emperor of Man. Short story: The Emperor created the Primarchs. Horus was the most powerful, but became evil as a result of his exposure to Chaos. Horus and half the Primarchs and their legions of Space Marines turned against the Emperor and attacked Earth. The Emperor, Sanguinus, another Primarch named Rogal Dorn, and a bunch of marines teleported onto Horus’ ship, but… Read more »


I’m pretty sure we could keep this thread going forever. But I’m not the one to continue it. I just look at army lists and codices and pretend I know what’s going on.

tiki god

Wouldn’t the Emperor of Man be the dude on the ground?

I swear the Emperor ended up in a golden coffin or someshit to support himself after he got whooped by Horus…


Mostly because of Dawn Of War + MCS, I feel compelled to do some reading on the Dawn Of War 40K universe. What’s a good book to start with?


Warhammer 40K Universe^^

*Adjusts typo before mob of angry nerds can crucify*


Sanguinius pwns.
Coolest primarch of all.


FlyingMantisShrimp, I can say with confidence that you should be reading The Horus Heresy. It’s going to be 9 books in all, split into 3 trilogies. It’s a great read even if you’re not into 40k.

Start here:

Dan Abnett gets the ball rolling, and he’s arguably one of the best sci-fi/comic writers alive.


@ Suicydking & FlyingMantisShrimp: I definitely agree, the Horus Heresy series is not only the best 40k series but probably one of the best sci-fi series ever written. I just started reading the latest book, Legion (about the Alpha Legion), and have read all subsequent books. So far my favorite is Fulgrim. These are definite page turners filled with lots of action and back story for 40k fans. If you want read “modern” 40k (ie., taking place in the 41st millenium and not 10k years prior-Horus Heresy), I’d recommend… The Gaunts Ghosts Series-Imperial Guard The Soul Drinker Series-Renegade Space Marines… Read more »


Sweet. Thanks, suicydking and sutenvulf.


The Grey Knights series hasn’t been so bad either


Yep, that’s Horus, Primarch of the Sons of Horus Space Marine Legion. He has slain Sanguinius, Primarch of the Blood Angels at his feet and is about to go toe to toe with the Emperor of Mankind (flaming sword). Horus was the Emperor’s right hand man, then he went and betrayed him by selling his soul to the Chaos Gods for power and immortality. He was the first Primarch to fall to the lure of Chaos and in total half of the Emperors Primarchs, 9 in all, followed his example. Abaddon the Despoiler, current Overlord of the forces of Chaos,… Read more »


Also Dan Abnett’s “Eisenhorn Trilogy” is awesome.