Crooked Window



at what point did they realize?

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    the higher window on the right is crooked too


    They Still Haven’t Noticed It.


    I spent some time in Dublin last year.

    According to my friends there are a lot of Irish construction companies employing a lot of Polish workers.

    Ireland is not known for producing skilled Engineers or Architects. Poland is not known for producing quality tradesman.

    This picture is what I expect to see next time I am in Dublin.

    Whats even funnier though, is that the Dublin housing market is so screwed, a place like this could still sell for 500,000 €.


    Ack, you are a dumb racist fuck. The reason you have been lead to believe that the pole is any less competent a plumber than the Irishman is that your friend is a racist fuck. Also, Ireland is desperate for labour right now, and despite living in what was briefly the second richest country on earth and still one of the top ten, most unemployed Irish can’t get off their ass and do the two-year course. You know despite the fact that it would be certain they’d find a job. It’s been a reoccurring theme in the Irish papers for… Read more »


    @chow Did I hit a nerve, or is it “that time of the month” bud. Your rant on me is a little askew. Maybe this will help. I don’t actually hate either Poles or Irish. I have friends in both places. Actually I find them quite similar and a good match for each other. I am not in any way comparing the Irish to the Polish either. To me, it’s the blind leading the dumb. Or vice versa. Frankly – the only competent construction and industrial work I saw being done in Ireland was being done by German and Danish… Read more »


    This is from the site So this is Russian, dudes.


    I didn’t know there was a Irish race and a Polish race, I thought they were countries.


    I was thinking if this is ireland it was most likely they were drunk when they were puuting the place together


    The fact is, it’s harder to put a window in like this than to do it straight – because you have to cut the bricks to fit. Look at the bricks under the window – they’ve been cut at an angle, which is harder than just using a full brick.

    So there must have been some reason to do this other than just sloppiness or being dunk.