Serious soldier gives press conference


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    *I’d like to state, that this is not a house on my head, it’s a new hat made by D&G. *

    I bet that happened. And I mean come on. It’s a freaking Grade-A hat. A house-hat. Awesome.


    Because people are less likely to shoot at homes than soldiers, we introduce our new line of home-sweet-helmets.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    And a Hawaiian shirt.
    Actually, I don’t see anything that indicates he’s a soldier.


    Let’s not forget the line of hard hitting news services represented there….E! television, CelebTV, TMZ (entertainment and gossip), Access TV. Yeah, that’s some serious news services for a serious soldier!


    That’s actually Sly Stallone promoting Rambo 5: Vietnam Nanny.

    “Ay-yo! I thought I told you kids not to wear black pajamas!”


    : It’s the helmet with the house on it. Not the house so much as the helmet. Very official, soldiery sort of a helmet.

    Also, he looks a little like a soldier should look. Emotionally deprived, battle-weary, et cetera.



    That’s how soldiers should look? And soldiers are “emotionally deprived?”

    Sounds to me like somebody forms his opinions on the military from movies and games like Army Of Two. Congratulations on being a complete jackass.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    heh. I thought it looked like a bike helmet with some astroturf glued on. Kind of like a Rorschach test, I guess.



    Relax. It’s the internets.


    I’m actually pretty calm. I was reiterating what you said because the sheer dumbassery of it is mindboggling.


    Glad to hear that you’re not on the verge of a heart attack. That would be terrible. But you forget that everybody’s anonymous, and therefore nobody is likely to remember that they’re dealing with other real, live, breathing, feeling human beings. Which makes it utterly easy to, say, judge a person’s complete personality based on a typed comment. The reason I point out the typed, you see, is because it is impossible for you to know how I say anything. This entire paragraph could sound utterly sarcastic in my mind, and some one else could view it as a serious… Read more »


    So what you’re saying is,

    “Lol, it’s the Internet, where my idiocy can run free.”



    that outfit received the PEDOBEAR seal of approval.


    @FMS (that’s almost FSM!)

    That is what the internet is. If you don’t know that, you must be new here.

    On the Internet, cruelty, stupidity, ignorance, and other disgraceful things know no bounds.


    why cant we all just get along and lulz at the funny mans hat?

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